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ICE family: Tn5253
Tn5253 is a composite structure of two conjugative transposons, Tn5251 and Tn5252. We selected it as a reference and defined Tn5253 family. We classified ICE that has significant sequence alignment and syntenic 'core' structure with Tn5253 into the Tn5253 family, including Tn5252 and Tn5252-like ICEs.

#IDICE nameStrainReplicon
184 in_silico ICESpn11930Streptococcus pneumoniae 11930-
288 in_silico ICESpn11876Streptococcus pneumoniae 11876-
395 experimental Tn5252 (part of Tn5253)Streptococcus pneumoniae BM6001-
4165 experimental ICE6094Streptococcus pneumoniae Pn19-
5230 in_silico ICESp23FST81Streptococcus pneumoniae ATCC 700669NC_011900
6317 in_silico Tn2008Streptococcus pneumoniae CGSP14NC_010582
7362 experimental Tn1311Streptococcus pneumoniae SpnF21-
8363 experimental ICESpnA213Streptococcus pneumoniae SpnA213-
9364 Tn5253Streptococcus pneumoniae DP1322-
10365 experimental ICESpnKD6Streptococcus pneumoniae KD6-
11366 experimental ICESpnN24Streptococcus pneumoniae N24-
12367 experimental ICESpnJ93183Streptococcus pneumoniae J93/183-
13368 experimental ICESpnJ93292Streptococcus pneumoniae J93/292-
14369 experimental ICESpn2531Streptococcus pneumoniae PN02/2531-
15370 experimental Tn5252(SP1000)Streptococcus pneumoniae SP1000-
16371 Tn5252-likeStreptococcus pneumoniae unknown strain(s)-
17372 in_silico ICESpnP1031-1Streptococcus pneumoniae P1031NC_012467
18373 in_silico ICESpn6706B-1Streptococcus pneumoniae 670-6BNC_014498
experimental Data derived from experimental literature
in_silico Putative ICEs predicted by bioinformatic methods
ElementNo. of sequencesDownloadAlignment
Proteins751FastaMultiple protein sequence alignment by MUSCLE online
ICEs34Fasta Nucleotide sequence comparison by webACT
(1) Croucher NJ et al. (2011). Rapid pneumococcal evolution in response to clinical interventions. Science. 331(6016):430-4. [PudMed:21273480] experimental
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(5) Henderson-Begg SK et al. (2009). Diversity of putative Tn5253-like elements in Streptococcus pneumoniae. Int J Antimicrob Agents. 33(4):364-7. [PudMed:19097761] experimental
(6) Srinivas P et al. (2000). Genetic and transcriptional analysis of a regulatory region in streptococcal conjugative transposon Tn5252. Plasmid. 44(3):262-74. [PudMed:11078652] experimental
(7) Munoz-Najar U et al. (1999). An operon that confers UV resistance by evoking the SOS mutagenic response in streptococcal conjugative transposon Tn5252. J Bacteriol. 181(9):2782-8. [PudMed:10217768] experimental
(8) Sampath J et al. (1998). Identification of a DNA cytosine methyltransferase gene in conjugative transposon Tn5252. Plasmid. 39(1):63-76. [PudMed:9473447] experimental
(9) Srinivas P et al. (1997). Site-specific nicking in vitro at ori T by the DNA relaxase of Tn5252. Plasmid. 37(1):42-50. [PudMed:9073581] experimental
(10) Vijayakumar MN et al. (1995). Genetic organization of streptococcal conjugative transposon Tn5252. Dev Biol Stand. 85:63-9. [PudMed:8586242] experimental
(11) Vijayakumar MN et al. (1993). Nucleotide sequence analysis of the termini and chromosomal locus involved in site-specific integration of the streptococcal conjugative transposon Tn5252. J Bacteriol. 175(9):2713-9. [PudMed:8386725] experimental
(12) Kilic AO et al. (1994). Identification and nucleotide sequence analysis of a transfer-related region in the streptococcal conjugative transposon Tn5252. J Bacteriol. 176(16):5145-50. [PudMed:8051031] experimental
(13) Ayoubi P et al. (1991). Tn5253, the pneumococcal omega (cat tet) BM6001 element, is a composite structure of two conjugative transposons, Tn5251 and Tn5252. J Bacteriol. 173(5):1617-22. [PudMed:1847905] experimental
experimental experimental literature