ICEberg ID150
OrganismMicromonospora rosaria SCC2095, NRRL3718
Size (bp)11188
GC content [Genome] (%)67
Insertion sitetRNA-Phe
Species that ICE can be transferred to-
Nucleotide SequenceAY860110 (complete ICE sequence in this GenBank file)
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experimental This is a ICE derived from experimental literature.
Complete gene list of pMR2 form AY860110
#GeneCoordinates [+/-], size (bp)Protein GI Product *
1korR1..825 [+], 82561106480  [UniProt] KorR
2gltA837..1568 [+], 73261106479  [UniProt] GltA
3int3287..4420 [-], 113461106478  [UniProt] Int
4xis4420..4629 [-], 21061106477  [UniProt] Xis
5rep4629..6377 [-], 174961106476  [UniProt] Rep
6-6466..6705 [-], 24061106475  [UniProt] spread protein
7-6709..6870 [-], 16261106474  [UniProt] spread protein
8orf2316867..7562 [-], 69661106473  [UniProt] spread protein
9-7621..7857 [-], 23761106472  [UniProt] spread protein
10-7884..8072 [-], 18961106471  [UniProt] spread protein
11-8101..8406 [-], 30661106470  [UniProt] spread protein
12traB8403..10064 [-], 166261106469  [UniProt] TraB
13-10608..10943 [-], 33661106468  [UniProt] possible regulator pra-like protein
integrase Gene may contribute to site-specific recombination
conjugation Gene may play role in conjugative transfer

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Nucleotide sequences1Fasta
(1) Hosted TJ Jr; Wang T; Horan AC (2005). Characterization of the Micromonospora rosaria pMR2 plasmid and development of a high G+C codon optimized integrase for site-specific integration. Plasmid. 54(3):249-58. [PudMed:16024079] experimental
experimental experimental literature