ICEberg ID229
OrganismMycoplasma agalactiae PG2
Size (bp)21864
GC content [Genome] (%)28 [29]
Insertion site-
Species that ICE can be transferred to-
Nucleotide SequenceCU179680 (complete ICE sequence in this genome)
Replicon chromosome (877438 bp, Project:16095) [NC_009497]
Genome coordinates455934..477797
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in_silico This is a predicted ICE derivied from literature.
Complete gene list of ICEA(PG2) form CU179680
#GeneCoordinates [+/-], size (bp)Protein GI Product *
1MAG3810451278..452084 [+], 807148291693 Hypothetical protein
2MAG3820452130..453233 [+], 1104148291694 GTP binding protein
3MAG3830453422..453880 [+], 459148291695 Hypothetical protein
4hpt453996..454544 [-], 549148291696 Hypoxanthine guanine phosphoribosyltransferase(HGPRT)
5greA454534..455025 [-], 492148291697 Transcription elongation factor greA
6MAG3860455934..457166 [-], 1233148291698  [UniProt] Conserved hypothetical protein
7MAG3870457338..457976 [-], 639148291699  [UniProt] Conserved hypothetical protein
8MAG3880458312..460006 [-], 1695148291700  [UniProt] Pseudogen of conserved hypothetical protein (C terminal part)
9MAG3890460357..462870 [-], 2514148291701  [UniProt] Pseudogen of conserved hypothetical protein (N terminal part)
10MAG3900462873..463460 [-], 588148291702  [UniProt] Conserved hypothetical protein
11MAG3910463503..465608 [-], 2106148291703 Pseudogene of TraE/TrsE family NTPase(C terminal part)
12MAG3920465767..466087 [-], 321148291704 Pseudogene of TraE/TrsE family NTPase(N terminal part)
13MAG3930466414..468168 [-], 1755148291705  [UniProt] Pseudogen of conserved hypothetical protein (C terminal part)
14MAG3940467933..468604 [-], 672148291706  [UniProt] Pseudogen of conserved hypothetical protein (N terminal part)
15MAG3950468730..469005 [+], 276148291707  [UniProt] Hypothetical protein
16MAG3960469428..469802 [-], 375148291708  [UniProt] Conserved hypothetical protein, truncated in N terminal
17MAG3970469937..470911 [-], 975148291709  [UniProt] Conserved hypothetical protein, predicted lipoprotein, truncated in C ter
18MAG3980471119..471697 [-], 579148291710  [UniProt] Conserved hypothetical protein
19MAG3990471807..472244 [-], 438148291711  [UniProt] Conserved hypothetical protein
20MAG4000472282..472524 [-], 243148291712  [UniProt] Hypothetical protein
21MAG4010472505..473020 [-], 516148291713  [UniProt] Hypothetical protein
22MAG4020473350..473616 [-], 267148291714  [UniProt] Hypothetical protein
23MAG4030473623..474183 [-], 561148291715  [UniProt] Conserved hypothetical protein
24MAG4040474429..476201 [-], 1773148291716  [UniProt] Conserved hypothetical protein
25MAG4050476439..477428 [-], 990148291717  [UniProt] Conserved hypothetical protein
26MAG4060477432..477797 [-], 366148291718  [UniProt] Conserved hypothetical protein, truncated in C terminal
27MAG4070478206..478472 [+], 267148291719 Hypothetical protein
28MAG4080478695..479150 [+], 456148291720 Hypothetical protein
29MAG4090479172..479804 [+], 633148291721 Hypothetical protein
30MAG4100479917..480354 [+], 438148291722 Pseudogene of Transposase (N terminal part)
31MAG4110480625..480819 [+], 195148291723 Pseudogene of Transposase (C terminal part)
32MAG4120480978..481616 [-], 639148291724 Oxidoreductase, potentially truncated inN terminal
flank Flanking regions
conjugation Gene may play role in conjugative transfer

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(1) Nouvel LX; Sirand-Pugnet P; Marenda MS; Sagne E; Barbe V; Mangenot S; Schenowitz C; Jacob D; Barre A; Claverol S; Blanchard A; Citti C (2010). Comparative genomic and proteomic analyses of two Mycoplasma agalactiae strains: clues to the macro- and micro-events that are shaping mycoplasma diversity. BMC Genomics. 11:86. [PudMed:20122262]