ICEberg ID231
OrganismStreptococcus pneumoniae ATCC 700669
Size (bp)28594
GC content [Genome] (%)32 [39]
Insertion site-
Species that ICE can be transferred to-
Nucleotide SequenceFM211187 (complete ICE sequence in this genome)
Replicon chromosome (2221315 bp, Project:31233) [NC_011900]
Genome coordinates922465..951058
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in_silico This is a predicted ICE derivied from literature.
Complete gene list of Sp23F_PPI-1 form FM211187
#GeneCoordinates [+/-], size (bp)Protein GI Product *
1SPN23F09480917925..918899 [+], 975220674238 conserved hypothetical protein
2SPN23F09490918899..919513 [+], 615220674239 putative membrane protein
3SPN23F09500919587..920561 [+], 975220674240 putative exported protein
4SPN23F09510920635..922266 [+], 1632220674241 putative RNA methyltransferase
5SPN23F09511922465..922758 [+], 294220674242  [UniProt] conserved hypothetical protein
6SPN23F09520923004..923222 [+], 219220674243  [UniProt] putative regulatory protein
7SPN23F09530923615..924640 [+], 1026220674244  [UniProt] putative iron-siderophore binding lipoprotein
8SPN23F09540924630..925637 [+], 1008220674245  [UniProt] ferric siderophore ABC transporter, permease protein
9SPN23F09550925637..926644 [+], 1008220674246  [UniProt] ferric enterobactin transport protein
10SPN23F09560926644..927438 [+], 795220674247  [UniProt] ferric siderophore ABC transporter, ATP-binding proteinVF
11SPN23F09561927603..927860 [+], 258pseudogene putative transposase (fragment)
12SPN23F09562928006..928215 [+], 210220674248  [UniProt] putative uncharacterized protein
13SPN23F09570928340..928495 [+], 156220674249  [UniProt] putative uncharacterized protein
14SPN23F09571928674..928817 [+], 144220674250  [UniProt] putative uncharacterized protein
15SPN23F09580929179..929340 [+], 162220674251  [UniProt] conserved hypothetical protein
16SPN23F09590929525..931111 [+], 1587pseudogene putative site-specific recombinase (pseudogene)
17SPN23F09610931379..931945 [+], 567220674252  [UniProt] putative uncharacterized protein
18SPN23F09620932267..932455 [+], 189220674253  [UniProt] putative uncharacterized protein
19SPN23F09630932517..933332 [+], 816220674254  [UniProt] putative uncharacterized protein
20SPN23F09640933332..934186 [+], 855220674255  [UniProt] putative hydrolase
21SPN23F09650934298..935182 [+], 885220674256  [UniProt] conserved hypothetical protein
22SPN23F09660935345..937084 [+], 1740220674257  [UniProt] alpha-amylase
23SPN23F09670937170..937487 [+], 318220674258  [UniProt] conserved hypothetical protein
24SPN23F09700938259..938735 [+], 477220674259  [UniProt] putative epsilon antitoxinTA
25SPN23F09710938735..939496 [+], 762220674260  [UniProt] putative zeta-toxinTA
26SPN23F09720939524..940680 [+], 1157pseudogene putative uncharacterized protein (pseudogene)
27SPN23F09731941158..941352 [+], 195220674261  [UniProt] putative uncharacterized protein
28SPN23F09740941512..941871 [+], 360220674262  [UniProt] Tn5252, orf 10 protein
29SPN23F09750941881..942210 [+], 330220674263  [UniProt] Tn5252, orf 9 protein
30SPN23F09780942233..944118 [+], 1886pseudogene Tn5252 relaxase
31SPN23F09790944159..945010 [-], 852220674264  [UniProt] putative regulatory protein
32SPN23F09800945149..945781 [+], 633pseudogene putative lantibiotic modifying enzyme (pseudogene)
33SPN23F09810945774..947897 [+], 2124220674265  [UniProt] putative lantibiotic export protein
34SPN23F09820947910..948080 [+], 171220674266  [UniProt] putative uncharacterized protein
35SPN23F09830948114..948842 [+], 729220674267  [UniProt] putative lantibiotic transport ATP-binding protein
36SPN23F09840948835..949572 [+], 738220674268  [UniProt] putative membrane protein
37SPN23F09850949585..950295 [+], 711220674269  [UniProt] putative membrane protein
38SPN23F09860950837..951058 [+], 222220674270  [UniProt] putative DNA_binding protein
39SPN23F09871951607..951813 [+], 207pseudogene putative transposase (pseudogene)
40ftsW951956..953185 [+], 1230220674271 putative cell division protein
41ppc953205..955901 [+], 2697220674272 putative phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase
flank Flanking regions
conjugation Gene may play role in conjugative transfer

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(1) Croucher NJ; Walker D; Romero P; Lennard N; Paterson GK; Bason NC; Mitchell AM; Quail MA; Andrew PW; Parkhill J; Bentley SD; Mitchell TJ (2009). Role of conjugative elements in the evolution of the multidrug-resistant pandemic clone Streptococcus pneumoniaeSpain23F ST81. J Bacteriol. 191(5):1480-9. [PudMed:19114491]
(2) Brown JS; Gilliland SM; Spratt BG; Holden DW (2004). A locus contained within a variable region of pneumococcal pathogenicity island 1 contributes to virulence in mice. Infect Immun. 72(3):1587-93. [PudMed:14977965] experimental
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