ICEberg ID304
OrganismStreptococcus gallolyticus subsp. gallolyticus ATCC 43143
Size (bp)18032
GC content [Genome] (%)38.7 [38]
Insertion siteAT rich regions
Functiontetracycline resistance
Species that ICE can be transferred to-
Nucleotide SequenceAP012053 (complete ICE sequence in this genome)
Genome coordinates1643376..1661407
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in_silico This is a predicted ICE derivied from literature.
Complete gene list of ICESga43143-1 form AP012053
#GeneCoordinates [+/-], size (bp)Protein GI Product *
1pepQ1639310..1640395 [+], 1086334280866 X-Pro dipeptidase
2SGGB_15831640429..1640755 [-], 327334280867 small multidrug resistance protein
3nudC1640926..1641501 [+], 576334280868 NAD+ diphosphatase
4SGGB_15851641553..1643325 [-], 1773334280869 predicted lipoprotein
5SGGB_15861643550..1644767 [-], 1218334280870  [UniProt] Tn916 ORF2 integrase
6SGGB_15871644849..1645052 [-], 204334280871  [UniProt] Tn916 ORF1 excisionase
7SGGB_15881645740..1646162 [-], 423334280872  [UniProt] Tn916 ORF7 DNA-binding protein protein
8SGGB_15891646667..1647020 [+], 354334280873  [UniProt] Tn916 ORF9 transcriptional regulator, putative
9tetM1647366..1649285 [-], 1920334280874  [UniProt] Tn916 ORF11 tetracycline resistance proteinAR
10SGGB_15911649662..1650594 [-], 933334280875  [UniProt] Tn916 ORF13 protein
11SGGB_15921650591..1651592 [-], 1002334280876  [UniProt] Tn916 ORF14 extracellular hydrolase/peptidaseVF
12SGGB_15931651589..1653766 [-], 2178334280877  [UniProt] Tn916 ORF15 signal peptide containing protein
13SGGB_15941653769..1656216 [-], 2448334280878  [UniProt] Tn916 ORF16 ATP/GTP-binding protein
14SGGB_15951656200..1656706 [-], 507334280879  [UniProt] Tn916 ORF17 signal peptide containing protein
15SGGB_15961656681..1657178 [-], 498334280880  [UniProt] Tn916 ORF18 antirestriction (ArdA) protein
16SGGB_15971657295..1657516 [-], 222334280881  [UniProt] Tn916 ORF19 protein
17SGGB_15981657559..1658764 [-], 1206334280882  [UniProt] Tn916 ORF20 phage replication initiation factor PEP
18SGGB_15991658942..1660327 [-], 1386334280883  [UniProt] Tn916 ORF21 FtsK/SpoIIIE family protein
19SGGB_16001660356..1660742 [-], 387334280884  [UniProt] Tn916 ORF22 protein
20SGGB_16011660758..1661072 [-], 315334280885  [UniProt] Tn916 ORF23 protein
21SGGB_16021661408..1663177 [-], 1770334280886 cell wall surface protein
22bglF21663234..1665144 [-], 1911334280887 PTS system, beta-glucosides-specific IIABC component
flank Flanking regions
integrase Gene may contribute to site-specific recombination
conjugation Gene may play role in conjugative transfer

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Nucleotide sequences1Fasta
(1) Lin IH; Liu TT; Teng YT; Wu HL; Liu YM; Wu KM; Chang CH; Hsu MT (2011). Sequencing and comparative genome analysis of two pathogenic Streptococcus gallolyticus subspecies: genome plasticity, adaptation and virulence. PLoS One. 6(5):e20519. [PudMed:21633709]