ICEberg ID395
OrganismStreptococcus mutans UA159
Size (bp)~15 K
GC content [Genome] (%)34 [36]
Insertion site-
Species that ICE can be transferred to-
Nucleotide SequenceAE014133 (ICE sequence without defined boundaries in this genome)
Genome coordinates192029..206864
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in_silico This is a predicted ICE derivied from literature.
Complete gene list of TnSmu1 form AE014133
#GeneCoordinates [+/-], size (bp)Protein GI Product *
1SMU_191c192029..193192 [-], 116424376569  [UniProt]  [KEGG]putative integrase
2SMU_193c193199..193384 [-], 18624376570  [UniProt]  [KEGG]conserved hypothetical protein
3SMU_194c193388..193639 [-], 25224376571  [UniProt]  [KEGG]conserved hypothetical protein; Bacteriophage P2 associated
4SMU_195c193675..193935 [-], 26124376572  [UniProt]  [KEGG]hypothetical protein
5SMU_196c193953..195050 [-], 109824376573  [UniProt]  [KEGG]putative transfer protein
6SMU_197c195072..197498 [-], 242724376574  [UniProt]  [KEGG]hypothetical protein
7SMU_198c197498..200041 [-], 254424376575  [UniProt]  [KEGG]putative conjugative transposon protein
8SMU_199c200061..200441 [-], 38124376576  [UniProt]  [KEGG]hypothetical protein
9SMU_200c200470..200697 [-], 22824376577  [UniProt]  [KEGG]hypothetical protein
10SMU_201c200710..201690 [-], 98124376578  [UniProt]  [KEGG]putative transposon protein
11SMU_202c201706..202179 [-], 47424376579  [UniProt]  [KEGG]hypothetical protein
12SMU_204c202302..202430 [-], 12924376581  [UniProt]  [KEGG]hypothetical protein
13SMU_205c202493..202765 [-], 27324376582  [UniProt]  [KEGG]hypothetical protein
14SMU_206c202868..203269 [-], 40224376583  [UniProt]  [KEGG]hypothetical protein
15SMU_207c203232..204464 [-], 123324376584  [UniProt]  [KEGG]putative transposon protein
16SMU_208c204699..206423 [-], 172524376585  [UniProt]  [KEGG]putative transposon protein; possible DNA segregation ATPase
17SMU_209c206439..206864 [-], 42624376586  [UniProt]  [KEGG]hypothetical protein
18SMU_210c206888..207199 [-], 31224376587 hypothetical protein
19SMU_211c207419..207862 [-], 44424376588 hypothetical protein
20SMU_212c207865..208113 [-], 24924376589 hypothetical protein
21SMU_213c208136..208327 [-], 19224376590 hypothetical protein
22SMU_214c208355..208663 [-], 30924376591 hypothetical protein
23SMU_215c208672..208872 [-], 20124376592 hypothetical protein
24SMU_216c208952..209266 [-], 31524376593 hypothetical protein
25SMU_217c209386..209913 [-], 52824376594 hypothetical protein
26SMU_218210660..211013 [+], 35424376595 putative transcriptional regulator
27SMU_219211020..211451 [+], 43224376596 hypothetical protein
flank Flanking regions
integrase Gene may contribute to site-specific recombination
conjugation Gene may play role in conjugative transfer

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Nucleotide sequences1Fasta
(1) Ajdic D; McShan WM; McLaughlin RE; Savic G; Chang J; Carson MB; Primeaux C; Tian R; Kenton S; Jia H; Lin S; Qian Y; Li S; Zhu H; Najar F; Lai H; White J; Roe BA; Ferretti JJ (2002). Genome sequence of Streptococcus mutans UA159, a cariogenic dental pathogen. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 99(22):14434-9. [PudMed:12397186]