ICEberg ID398
OrganismClostridium difficile 630
Size (bp)~25 K
GC content [Genome] (%)39 [29]
Insertion site-
Species that ICE can be transferred to-
Nucleotide SequenceAM180355 (ICE sequence without defined boundaries in this genome)
Replicon chromosome (4290252 bp, Project:78) [NC_009089]
Genome coordinates428851..453332
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in_silico This is a predicted ICE derivied from literature.
Complete gene list of CTn1 form AM180355
#GeneCoordinates [+/-], size (bp)Protein GI Product *
1CD630_03500425143..425703 [+], 561115249357 putative hydrolase, HAD superfamily
2CD630_03510425731..426222 [+], 492115249358 conserved hypothetical protein
3CD630_03520426451..427002 [+], 552115249359 Transcriptional regulator, RmlC-type
4CD630_03530427088..428020 [+], 933115249360 conserved hypothetical protein
5CD630_03540428075..457163 [+], 29089pseudogene Fragment of putative membrane protein
6CD630_03541428111..428677 [+], 567115249361 putative membrane protein
7int428851..430041 [-], 1191115249362  [UniProt]  [KEGG]Integrase Tn916-like, CTn1-Orf1
8xis430119..430322 [-], 204115249363  [UniProt]  [KEGG]Excisionase Tn916-like, CTn1-Orf2
9CD630_03580430695..430949 [-], 255115249365  [UniProt]  [KEGG]putative conjugative transposon protein Tn916-like, CTn1-Orf3
10CD630_03590430953..431381 [-], 429115249366  [UniProt]  [KEGG]putative RNA polymerase sigma factor Tn916-like, CTn1-Orf4
11CD630_03600431667..432041 [-], 375115249367  [UniProt]  [KEGG]Transcriptional regulator, GntR family,Tn916-like, CTn1-Orf5
12CD630_03610432090..433091 [-], 1002328887523  [UniProt]  [KEGG]Two-component sensor histidine kinase Tn916-like, CTn1-Orf6
13CD630_03620433088..433747 [-], 660328887524  [UniProt]  [KEGG]Two-component response regulator Tn916-like,CTn1-Orf7
14CD630_03630433806..435782 [-], 1977115249370  [UniProt]  [KEGG]ABC-type transport system, permease Tn916-like,CTn1-Orf8
15CD630_03640435772..436542 [-], 771115249371  [UniProt]  [KEGG]ABC-type transport system, ATP-binding protein Tn916-like, CTn1-Orf9
16CD630_03650436715..437446 [-], 732115249372  [UniProt]  [KEGG]ABC-type transport system, multidrug-family permease Tn916-like, CTn1-Orf10
17CD630_03660437439..438365 [-], 927115249373  [UniProt]  [KEGG]ABC-type transport system, multidrug-family ATP-binding protein Tn916-like, CTn1-Orf11
18CD630_03670438435..439343 [-], 909115249374  [UniProt]  [KEGG]Two-component sensor histidine kinase,Tn916-like, CTn1-Orf12
19CD630_03680439346..440038 [-], 693115249375  [UniProt]  [KEGG]Two-component response regulator, Tn916-like,CTn1-Orf13
20CD630_03690440069..440293 [-], 225328887525  [UniProt]  [KEGG]putative conjugative transposon protein Tn916-like, CTn1-Orf14
21CD630_03700440311..440511 [-], 201115249377  [UniProt]  [KEGG]Transcriptional regulator, HTH-type Tn916-like,CTn1-Orf15VF
22CD630_03710440599..441510 [-], 912115249378  [UniProt]  [KEGG]putative conjugative transposon protein Tn916-like, CTn1-Orf16
23CD630_03720441526..442533 [-], 1008115249379  [UniProt]  [KEGG]putative cell wall hydrolase Tn916-like,CTn1-Orf17VF
24CD630_03730442530..444737 [-], 2208328887526  [UniProt]  [KEGG]putative membrane protein Tn916-like,CTn1-Orf18
25CD630_03740444737..447187 [-], 2451115249381  [UniProt]  [KEGG]putative ATPase Tn916-like, CTn1-Orf19
26CD630_03750447165..447563 [-], 399115249382  [UniProt]  [KEGG]putative conjugative transposon protein Tn916-like, CTn1-Orf20
27CD630_03760447677..448180 [-], 504115249383  [UniProt]  [KEGG]putative antirestriction protein Tn916-like,CTn1-Orf21
28CD630_03770448198..448701 [-], 504115249384  [UniProt]  [KEGG]putative antirestriction protein Tn916-like,CTn1-Orf22
29CD630_03780448620..448916 [-], 297328887527  [UniProt] putative conjugative transposon protein Tn916-like, CTn1-Orf23
30CD630_03790448992..449213 [-], 222115249385  [UniProt]  [KEGG]putative conjugative transposon protein Tn916-like, CTn1-Orf24
31CD630_03800449214..449348 [-], 135328887528  [UniProt]  [KEGG]putative conjugative transposon protein Tn916-like, CTn1-Orf25
32CD630_03810449360..450472 [-], 1113115249387  [UniProt]  [KEGG]putative replication initiation factor Tn916-like, CTn1-Orf26
33CD630_03820450811..451209 [-], 399328887529  [UniProt]  [KEGG]putative conjugative transposon protein Tn916-like, CTn1-Orf27
34CD630_03830451221..452591 [-], 1371115249389  [UniProt]  [KEGG]putative cell-division FtsK/SpoIIIE-family protein Tn916-like, CTn1-Orf28
35CD630_03840452608..452997 [-], 390115249390  [UniProt]  [KEGG]putative conjugative transposon protein DUF961 family Tn916-like, CTn1-Orf29
36CD630_03850453006..453332 [-], 327115249391  [UniProt]  [KEGG]putative conjugative transposon protein DUF961 family Tn916-like, CTn1-Orf30
37CD630_03540428075..457163 [+], 29089pseudogene Fragment of putative membrane protein
38CD630_03851453368..453553 [-], 186115249392 conserved hypothetical protein
39CD630_03860453566..456610 [-], 3045115249393 putative cell surface protein
flank Flanking regions
integrase Gene may contribute to site-specific recombination

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(1) Sebaihia M; Wren BW; Mullany P; Fairweather NF; Minton N; Stabler R; Thomson NR; Roberts AP; Cerdeno-Tarraga AM; Wang H; Holden MT; Wright A; Churcher C; Quail MA; Baker S; Bason N; Brooks K; Chillingworth T; Cronin A; Davis P; Dowd L; Fraser A; Feltwell T; Hance Z; Holroyd S; Jagels K; Moule S; Mungall K; Price C; Rabbinowitsch E; Sharp S; Simmonds M; Stevens K; Unwin L; Whithead S; Dupuy B; Dougan G; Barrell B; Parkhill J (2006). The multidrug-resistant human pathogen Clostridium difficile has a highly mobile, mosaic genome. Nat Genet. 38(7):779-86. [PudMed:16804543]