ICEberg ID403
OrganismClostridium difficile 630
Size (bp)~26 K
GC content [Genome] (%)41 [29]
Insertion site-
Species that ICE can be transferred to-
Nucleotide SequenceAM180355 (ICE sequence without defined boundaries in this genome)
Replicon chromosome (4290252 bp, Project:78) [NC_009089]
Genome coordinates3938102..3963961
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in_silico This is a predicted ICE derivied from literature.
Complete gene list of CTn7 form AM180355
#GeneCoordinates [+/-], size (bp)Protein GI Product *
1CD630_336803933977..3935035 [-], 1059115252425 putative ribosome biogenesis GTPase RsgA; putative EngC-like GTPase
2CD630_336813935041..3935442 [-], 402115252426 putative zinc finger protein
3CD630_336823936389..3936565 [+], 177328887802 conserved hypothetical protein
4CD630_336903936975..3937613 [+], 639115252427 conserved hypothetical protein
5CD630_337003938102..3939862 [-], 1761115252428  [UniProt]  [PDB]  [KEGG]putative recombinase Tn916-like, CTn7-Orf1
6CD630_337013940387..3940626 [-], 240115252429  [UniProt]  [KEGG]putative conjugative transposon protein Tn916-like, CTn7-Orf2
7CD630_337103940631..3941047 [-], 417115252430  [UniProt]  [KEGG]putative conjugative transposon protein Tn916-like, CTn7-Orf3
8CD630_337203941044..3941403 [-], 360115252431  [UniProt]  [KEGG]putative conjugative transposon protein Tn916-like, CTn7-Orf4
9CD630_337213941659..3941823 [-], 165328887803  [UniProt] putative conjugative transposon protein Tn916-like, CTn7-Orf5
10CD630_337223942394..3942564 [-], 171328887804  [UniProt] putative conjugative transposon protein Tn916-like, CTn7-Orf6
11mgtA3942574..3945339 [-], 2766115252432  [UniProt]  [KEGG]Magnesium-transporting ATPase, P-type 1; Tn916-like, CTn7-Orf7VF
12CD630_337403945505..3945816 [-], 312115252433  [UniProt]  [KEGG]putative conjugative transposon protein Tn916-like, CTn7-Orf8
13CD630_337413945832..3946062 [-], 231115252434  [UniProt]  [KEGG]putative conjugative transposon protein Tn916-like, CTn7-Orf9
14mgtC3946063..3946740 [-], 678328887805  [UniProt]  [KEGG]Magnesium-transporting ATPase protein C; Tn916-like, CTn7-Orf10VF
15CD630_337603946878..3947381 [-], 504328887806  [UniProt]  [KEGG]putative transcriptional regulator Tn916-like,CTn7-Orf11
16mgtA3947397..3950060 [-], 2664115252437  [UniProt]  [KEGG]Magnesium-transporting ATPase, P-type 1; Tn916-like, CTn7-Orf12VF
17CD630_337803950153..3950362 [-], 210115252438  [UniProt]  [KEGG]putative conjugative transposon protein Tn916-like, CTn7-Orf13
18CD630_337813950429..3950653 [+], 225pseudogene Fragment of putative transcriptional regulator Tn916-like, CTn7-Orf14 (Central region)
19CD630_337903950845..3951747 [-], 903328887807  [UniProt]  [KEGG]putative conjugative transposon protein Tn916-like, CTn7-Orf15
20CD630_338003951764..3952771 [-], 1008115252440  [UniProt]  [KEGG]putative cell wall hydrolase Tn916-like,CTn7-Orf16VF
21CD630_338103952768..3954969 [-], 2202pseudogene Fragment of putative membrane protein Tn916-like, CTn7-orf17
22CD630_338303954969..3957419 [-], 2451115252441  [UniProt]  [KEGG]putative ATPase Tn916-like, CTn7-Orf19
23CD630_338403957397..3957795 [-], 399115252442  [UniProt]  [KEGG]putative conjugative transposon protein Tn916-like, CTn7-Orf20
24CD630_338503957913..3958416 [-], 504115252443  [UniProt]  [KEGG]putative antirestriction protein Tn916-like,CTn7-Orf21
25CD630_338603958434..3958937 [-], 504115252444  [UniProt]  [KEGG]putative antirestriction protein Tn916-like,CTn7-Orf22
26CD630_338613958856..3959152 [-], 297328887808  [UniProt] putative conjugative transposon protein Tn916-like, CTn7-Orf23
27CD630_338703959235..3960044 [-], 810115252445  [UniProt]  [KEGG]putative conjugative transposon protein Tn916-like, CTn7-Orf24
28CD630_338713960083..3960304 [-], 222115252446  [UniProt]  [KEGG]putative conjugative transposon protein Tn916-like, CTn7-Orf25
29CD630_338723960305..3960367 [-], 63pseudogene Fragment of conjugative transposon protein Tn916-like, CTn7-Orf26 (C-terminal region)
30CD630_338803960451..3961641 [-], 1191115252447  [UniProt]  [KEGG]putative replication initiation factor Tn916-like, CTn7-Orf27
31CD630_338903961825..3963219 [-], 1395115252448  [UniProt]  [KEGG]putative cell-division FtsK/SpoIIIE-family protein Tn916-like, CTn7-Orf28
32CD630_339003963236..3963619 [-], 384115252449  [UniProt]  [KEGG]putative conjugative transposon protein DUF961 family Tn196-like, CTn7-Orf29
33CD630_339103963635..3963961 [-], 327115252450  [UniProt]  [KEGG]putative conjugative transposon protein DUF961 family Tn916-like, CTn7-Orf30
34CD630_339113963993..3964187 [-], 195115252451 conserved hypothetical protein
35CD630_339203964200..3967244 [-], 3045115252452 putative cell surface protein
36rumA3967487..3968851 [-], 1365115252453 23S rRNA (uracil-5-)-methyltransferase RumA (23S rRNA(M-5-U1939)-methyltransferase)
flank Flanking regions
integrase Gene may contribute to site-specific recombination

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(1) Sebaihia M; Wren BW; Mullany P; Fairweather NF; Minton N; Stabler R; Thomson NR; Roberts AP; Cerdeno-Tarraga AM; Wang H; Holden MT; Wright A; Churcher C; Quail MA; Baker S; Bason N; Brooks K; Chillingworth T; Cronin A; Davis P; Dowd L; Fraser A; Feltwell T; Hance Z; Holroyd S; Jagels K; Moule S; Mungall K; Price C; Rabbinowitsch E; Sharp S; Simmonds M; Stevens K; Unwin L; Whithead S; Dupuy B; Dougan G; Barrell B; Parkhill J (2006). The multidrug-resistant human pathogen Clostridium difficile has a highly mobile, mosaic genome. Nat Genet. 38(7):779-86. [PudMed:16804543]