ComB6 is a component of ComB T4SS. ComB6 is an inner membrane component

Proteins belonging to this kind of component are listed
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#ComponentProtein ID T4SS Accession Organism
1 ComB6109946684ComBNC_008229Helicobacter acinonychis str. Sheeba
2 ComB615644670ComBNC_000915Helicobacter pylori 26695
3 ComB6254778772ComBNC_012973Helicobacter pylori B38
4 ComB6298737078ComBNC_014256Helicobacter pylori B8
5 ComB6208434010ComBNC_011333Helicobacter pylori G27
6 ComB6108562460ComBNC_008086Helicobacter pylori HPAG1
7 ComB615611104ComBNC_000921Helicobacter pylori J99
8 ComB6210134234ComBNC_011498Helicobacter pylori P12
9 ComB6308182221ComBNC_014555Helicobacter pylori PeCan4
10 ComB6188526847ComBNC_010698Helicobacter pylori Shi470
11 ComB6308183837ComBNC_014560Helicobacter pylori SJM180
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