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t4ss_object Xaut_3987 Protein ID:154247909 Product:heavy metal translocating P-type ATPase Xaut_3988 Protein ID:154247910 Product:hypothetical protein Xaut_3989 Protein ID:154247911 Product:LysR family transcriptional regulator Xaut_3990 Protein ID:154247912 Product:hypothetical protein Xaut_3991 Protein ID:154247913 Product:conjugation TrbI family protein Xaut_3992 Protein ID:154247914 Product:P-type conjugative transfer protein TrbG Xaut_3993 Protein ID:154247915 Product:conjugal transfer protein TrbF Xaut_3994 Protein ID:154247916 Product:conjugal transfer protein TrbL Xaut_3995 Protein ID:154247917 Product:hypothetical protein Xaut_3996 Protein ID:154247918 Product:conjugal transfer protein TrbJ Xaut_3997 Protein ID:154247919 Product:conjugal transfer ATPase TrbE Xaut_3998 Protein ID:154247920 Product:conjugal transfer protein TrbB Xaut_3999 Protein ID:154247921 Product:conjugal transfer protein TrbC Xaut_4000 Protein ID:154247922 Product:P-type conjugative transfer ATPase TrbB Xaut_4001 Protein ID:154247923 Product:hypothetical protein Xaut_4002 Protein ID:154247924 Product:hypothetical protein Xaut_4003 Protein ID:154247925 Product:transposase IS116/IS110/IS902 family protein Xaut_4005 Protein ID:154247926 Product:integrase catalytic subunit Xaut_4006 Protein ID:154247927 Product:hypothetical protein Xaut_4007 Protein ID:154247928 Product:conjugal transfer coupling protein TraG Xaut_4008 Protein ID:154247929 Product:hypothetical protein Xaut_4009 Protein ID:154247930 Product:transposase IS116/IS110/IS902 family protein Xaut_4010 Protein ID:154247931 Product:lytic transglycosylase Xaut_4011 Protein ID:154247932 Product:peptidase S26C conjugative transfer signal peptidase TraF Xaut_4012 Protein ID:154247933 Product:hypothetical protein Xaut_4013 Protein ID:154247934 Product:hypothetical protein Xaut_4014 Protein ID:154247935 Product:cobyrinic acid ac-diamide synthase Xaut_4015 Protein ID:154247936 Product:replication protein A Xaut_4016 Protein ID:154247937 Product:hypothetical protein Xaut_4017 Protein ID:154247938 Product:hypothetical protein Xaut_4018 Protein ID:154247939 Product:hypothetical protein Xaut_4019 Protein ID:154247940 Product:XRE family transcriptional regulator  Protein ID: Product: