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t4ss_object Acife_3030 Protein ID:344201103 Product:hypothetical protein Acife_3031 Protein ID:344201104 Product:conserved domain-containing protein Acife_3032 Protein ID:344201105 Product:hypothetical protein Acife_3033 Protein ID:344201106 Product:hypothetical protein Acife_3034 Protein ID:344201107 Product:transcriptional modulator of MazE/toxin, MazF Acife_3035 Protein ID:344201108 Product:transcriptional regulator/antitoxin, MazE Acife_3036 Protein ID:344201109 Product:conjugal transfer protein TraN Acife_3037 Protein ID:344201110 Product:TraU family protein Acife_3038 Protein ID:344201111 Product:type-F conjugative transfer system pilin assembly protein TrbC Acife_3039 Protein ID:344201112 Product:hypothetical protein Acife_3040 Protein ID:344201113 Product:hypothetical protein Acife_3041 Protein ID:344201114 Product:peptidase S26 Acife_3042 Protein ID:344201115 Product:hypothetical protein Acife_3043 Protein ID:344201116 Product:type-IV secretion system protein TraC Acife_3044 Protein ID:344201117 Product:DsbA family thiol:disulfide interchange protein Acife_3045 Protein ID:344201118 Product:type II secretion system protein E Acife_3046 Protein ID:344201119 Product:thiol:disulfide interchange domain-containing protein Acife_3047 Protein ID:344201120 Product:conjugal transfer protein TraA Acife_3048 Protein ID:344201121 Product:type IV conjugative transfer system protein TraV Acife_3049 Protein ID:344201122 Product:conjugal transfer protein Acife_3050 Protein ID:344201123 Product:TraK lipoprotein Acife_3051 Protein ID:344201124 Product:type IV conjugative transfer system protein TraE Acife_3052 Protein ID:344201125 Product:type IV conjugative transfer system protein TraL Acife_3053 Protein ID:344201126 Product:hypothetical protein Acife_3054 Protein ID:344201127 Product:HNH endonuclease Acife_3055 Protein ID:344201128 Product:hypothetical protein Acife_3056 Protein ID:344201129 Product:hypothetical protein Acife_3057 Protein ID:344201130 Product:hypothetical protein Acife_3058 Protein ID:344201131 Product:hypothetical protein  Protein ID: Product: