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t4ss_object bglu_3p0120 Protein ID:238023406 Product:hypothetical protein bglu_3p0130 Protein ID:238023407 Product:hypothetical protein bglu_3p0140 Protein ID:238023408 Product:zeta toxin bglu_3p0150 Protein ID:238023409 Product:hypothetical protein bglu_3p0160 Protein ID:238023410 Product:endonuclease bglu_3p0170 Protein ID:238023411 Product:hypothetical protein bglu_3p0180 Protein ID:238023412 Product:TraG-like protein bglu_3p0190 Protein ID:238023413 Product:TraH-like protein bglu_3p0200 Protein ID:238023414 Product:TraF-like protein bglu_3p0210 Protein ID:238023415 Product:hypothetical protein bglu_3p0220 Protein ID:238023416 Product:conjugal transfer mating pair stabilization protein TraN bglu_3p0230 Protein ID:238023417 Product:hypothetical protein bglu_3p0240 Protein ID:238023418 Product:type-F conjugative transfer system pilin assembly protein TrbC bglu_3p0250 Protein ID:238023419 Product:TraU family protein bglu_3p0260 Protein ID:238023420 Product:type-F conjugative transfer system protein TraW bglu_3p0270 Protein ID:238023421 Product:type IV secretory pathway protease TraF-like protein bglu_3p0280 Protein ID:238023422 Product:hypothetical protein bglu_3p0290 Protein ID:238023423 Product:type-IV secretion system protein TraC bglu_3p0300 Protein ID:238023424 Product:type IV conjugative transfer system protein TraV bglu_3p0310 Protein ID:238023425 Product:protein-disulfide isomerase bglu_3p0320 Protein ID:238023426 Product:bacteriophage protein gp37 bglu_3p0330 Protein ID:238023427 Product:hypothetical protein bglu_3p0340 Protein ID:238023428 Product:TraB pilus assembly family protein bglu_3p0350 Protein ID:238023429 Product:TraK bglu_3p0360 Protein ID:238023430 Product:type IV conjugative transfer system protein TraE bglu_3p0370 Protein ID:238023431 Product:TraL bglu_3p0380 Protein ID:238023432 Product:hypothetical protein bglu_3p0390 Protein ID:238023433 Product:hypothetical protein bglu_3p0400 Protein ID:238023434 Product:lytic transglycosylase catalytic subunit bglu_3p0410 Protein ID:238023435 Product:MobD bglu_3p0420 Protein ID:238023436 Product:LysR family transcriptional regulator bglu_3p0430 Protein ID:238023437 Product:hypothetical protein bglu_3p0440 Protein ID:339717137 Product:SSS sodium solute transporter superfamily protein bglu_3p0450 Protein ID:238023439 Product:nitrilase bglu_3p0460 Protein ID:238023440 Product:N-acyl homoserine lactone transcriptional regulator bglu_3p0470 Protein ID:238023441 Product:Rhs family protein bglu_3p0480 Protein ID:238023442 Product:hypothetical protein bglu_3p0490 Protein ID:238023443 Product:transposase IS4 bglu_3p0510 Protein ID:238023444 Product:ProQ activator of osmoprotectant transporter ProP bglu_3p0520 Protein ID:238023445 Product:TrwC protein bglu_3p0530 Protein ID:238023446 Product:type IV secretion system protein TraD bglu_3p0540 Protein ID:238023447 Product:hypothetical protein bglu_3p0560 Protein ID:238023448 Product:hypothetical protein bglu_3p0570 Protein ID:238023449 Product:hypothetical protein bglu_3p0580 Protein ID:238023450 Product:hypothetical protein  Protein ID: Product: