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t4ss_object pOU1113_34 Protein ID:71559031 Product:hypothetical protein pOU1113_35 Protein ID:71559032 Product:hypothetical protein pOU1113_36 Protein ID:228861766 Product:replication protein pOU1113_37 Protein ID:71559034 Product:RepA leader peptide Tap pOU1113_38 Protein ID:71559035 Product:DNA replication protein pOU1113_39 Protein ID:71559036 Product:replication protein pOU1113_40 Protein ID:71559037 Product:putative phospholipase D pOU1113_41 Protein ID:71559038 Product:putative cytoplasmic protein pOU1113_42 Protein ID:71559039 Product:conjugal transfer fertility inhibition protein FinO pOU1113_43 Protein ID:71559040 Product:conjugal transfer pilus acetylation protein TraX pOU1113_44 Protein ID:71559041 Product:conjugal transfer nickase/helicase TraI pOU1113_45 Protein ID:71559042 Product:conjugative transfer DNA transport protein pOU1113_46 Protein ID:71559043 Product:conjugal transfer surface exclusion protein TraT pOU1113_47 Protein ID:71559044 Product:conjugal transfer mating pair stabilization protein TraG pOU1113_48 Protein ID:71559045 Product:conjugal transfer pilus assembly protein TraH pOU1113_49 Protein ID:71559046 Product:conjugal transfer protein TrbB pOU1113_50 Protein ID:71559047 Product:conjugal transfer pilin chaperone TraQ pOU1113_51 Protein ID:71559048 Product:conjugal pilus assembly protein TraF pOU1113_52 Protein ID:71559049 Product:conjugal transfer protein TrbE pOU1113_53 Protein ID:71559050 Product:conjugal transfer mating pair stabilization protein TraN pOU1113_54 Protein ID:71559051 Product:conjugal transfer pilus assembly protein TrbC pOU1113_55 Protein ID:71559052 Product:conjugative transfer protein pOU1113_56 Protein ID:71559053 Product:conjugal transfer pilus assembly protein TraU pOU1113_57 Protein ID:71559054 Product:conjugal transfer pilus assembly protein TraW pOU1113_58 Protein ID:71559055 Product:hypothetical protein pOU1113_59 Protein ID:71559056 Product:conjugal transfer ATP-binding protein TraC pOU1113_60 Protein ID:71559057 Product:conjugative transfer protein pOU1113_61 Protein ID:71559058 Product:conjugal transfer protein TraR pOU1113_62 Protein ID:71559059 Product:conjugal transfer protein TraV pOU1113_63 Protein ID:71559060 Product:conjugative transfer protein pOU1113_64 Protein ID:71559061 Product:plasmid SOS inhibition protein A pOU1113_65 Protein ID:71559062 Product:plasmid SOS inhibitor protein pOU1113_66 Protein ID:71559063 Product:parB-like nuclease domain-containing protein pOU1113_67 Protein ID:71559064 Product:hypothetical protein pOU1113_68 Protein ID:71559065 Product:single-strand binding protein  Protein ID: Product: