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t4ss_object XfasM23_2227 Protein ID:182682735 Product:conjugal transfer protein TrbD XfasM23_2228 Protein ID:182682736 Product:conjugal transfer protein TrbE XfasM23_2229 Protein ID:182682737 Product:conjugal transfer protein TrbF XfasM23_2230 Protein ID:182682738 Product:conjugal transfer protein TrbG XfasM23_2231 Protein ID:182682739 Product:conjugal transfer protein TrbH XfasM23_2232 Protein ID:182682740 Product:conjugal transfer protein TrbI XfasM23_2233 Protein ID:182682741 Product:conjugal transfer protein TrbJ XfasM23_2234 Protein ID:182682742 Product:hypothetical protein XfasM23_2235 Protein ID:182682743 Product:P-type conjugative transfer protein TrbL XfasM23_2236 Protein ID:182682744 Product:conjugal transfer protein TrbN XfasM23_2237 Protein ID:182682745 Product:hypothetical protein XfasM23_2238 Protein ID:182682746 Product:hypothetical protein XfasM23_2239 Protein ID:182682747 Product:resolvase domain-containing protein XfasM23_2240 Protein ID:182682748 Product:hypothetical protein XfasM23_2241 Protein ID:182682749 Product:hypothetical protein XfasM23_2242 Protein ID:182682750 Product:hypothetical protein XfasM23_2243 Protein ID:182682751 Product:hypothetical protein XfasM23_2244 Protein ID:182682752 Product:hypothetical protein XfasM23_2245 Protein ID:182682753 Product:conjugal transfer protein XfasM23_2246 Protein ID:182682754 Product:DNA topoisomerase III XfasM23_2247 Protein ID:182682755 Product:conjugal transfer peptidase TraF XfasM23_2248 Protein ID:182682756 Product:conjugal transfer coupling protein TraG XfasM23_2249 Protein ID:182682757 Product:conjugal transfer relaxase TraI XfasM23_2250 Protein ID:182682758 Product:conjugal transfer relaxosome component TraJ XfasM23_2251 Protein ID:182682759 Product:hypothetical protein XfasM23_2252 Protein ID:182682760 Product:conjugal transfer protein TraL XfasM23_2253 Protein ID:182682761 Product:conjugal transfer protein TraM XfasM23_2254 Protein ID:182682762 Product:hypothetical protein XfasM23_2255 Protein ID:182682763 Product:putative conjugation protein TraO XfasM23_2256 Protein ID:182682764 Product:parB-like partition protein XfasM23_2257 Protein ID:182682765 Product:cobyrinic acid ac-diamide synthase XfasM23_2258 Protein ID:182682766 Product:resolvase domain-containing protein XfasM23_2259 Protein ID:182682767 Product:IS605 family transposase OrfB XfasM23_2260 Protein ID:182682768 Product:hypothetical protein XfasM23_2261 Protein ID:182682769 Product:plasmid encoded RepA protein XfasM23_2262 Protein ID:182682770 Product:hypothetical protein XfasM23_2263 Protein ID:182682771 Product:single-strand binding protein XfasM23_2264 Protein ID:182682772 Product:conjugal transfer protein TrbA XfasM23_2265 Protein ID:182682773 Product:conjugal transfer ATPase TrbB XfasM23_2266 Protein ID:182682774 Product:conjugal transfer protein TrbC  Protein ID: Product: