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t4ss_object pAMbeta1_p13 Protein ID:269124248 Product:AM14 pAMbeta1_p14 Protein ID:269124249 Product:AM15 pAMbeta1_p15 Protein ID:269124250 Product:AM16 pAMbeta1_p16 Protein ID:269124251 Product:AM17 pAMbeta1_p17 Protein ID:269124252 Product:AM18 pAMbeta1_p18 Protein ID:269124253 Product:AM19 pAMbeta1_p19 Protein ID:269124254 Product:AM20 pAMbeta1_p20 Protein ID:269124255 Product:AM21 pAMbeta1_p21 Protein ID:269124256 Product:AM22 pAMbeta1_p22 Protein ID:269124257 Product:AM23 pAMbeta1_p23 Protein ID:269124258 Product:AM24 pAMbeta1_p24 Protein ID:269124259 Product:AM25 pAMbeta1_p25 Protein ID:269124260 Product:AM26 pAMbeta1_p26 Protein ID:269124261 Product:AM27 pAMbeta1_p27 Protein ID:269124262 Product:AM28 pAMbeta1_p28 Protein ID:269124263 Product:AM29 pAMbeta1_p29 Protein ID:269124264 Product:AM30 pAMbeta1_p30 Protein ID:269124265 Product:AM31 pAMbeta1_p31 Protein ID:269124266 Product:AM32 pAMbeta1_p32 Protein ID:269124267 Product:AM33  Protein ID: Product: