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t4ss_object AZC_3852 Protein ID:158425476 Product:transposase AZC_3853 Protein ID:158425477 Product:transposase AZC_3854 Protein ID:158425478 Product:transcriptional regulator AZC_3855 Protein ID:158425479 Product:transposase and inactivated derivative AZC_3856 Protein ID:158425480 Product:hypothetical protein AZC_3857 Protein ID:158425481 Product:hypothetical protein AZC_3858 Protein ID:158425482 Product:conjugal transfer protein AZC_3859 Protein ID:158425483 Product:conjugal transfer protein AZC_3860 Protein ID:158425484 Product:conjugal transfer protein AZC_3861 Protein ID:158425485 Product:conjugal transfer ATPase TrbE AZC_3862 Protein ID:158425486 Product:conjugal transfer protein TrbJ AZC_3863 Protein ID:158425487 Product:hypothetical protein AZC_3864 Protein ID:158425488 Product:conjugal transfer protein TrbL AZC_3865 Protein ID:158425489 Product:conjugal transfer protein TrbF AZC_3866 Protein ID:158425490 Product:conjugal transfer protein AZC_3867 Protein ID:158425491 Product:hypothetical protein AZC_3868 Protein ID:158425492 Product:hypothetical protein AZC_3869 Protein ID:158425493 Product:transcriptional regulator AZC_3870 Protein ID:158425494 Product:amino acid ABC transporter substrate-binding protein AZC_3871 Protein ID:158425495 Product:amino acid ABC transporter permease/substrate-binding protein AZC_3872 Protein ID:158425496 Product:amino acid ABC transporter permease  Protein ID: Product: