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t4ss_object Dtpsy_3492 Protein ID:222112653 Product:adenine phosphoribosyltransferase Dtpsy_3493 Protein ID:222112654 Product:hypothetical protein Dtpsy_3494 Protein ID:222112655 Product:cyclic nucleotide-binding protein Dtpsy_3495 Protein ID:222112656 Product:tRNA modification GTPase trme Dtpsy_3496 Protein ID:222112657 Product:hypothetical protein Dtpsy_3497 Protein ID:222112658 Product:conjugation trbi family protein Dtpsy_3498 Protein ID:222112659 Product:p-type conjugative transfer protein trbg Dtpsy_3499 Protein ID:222112660 Product:conjugal transfer protein Trbf Dtpsy_3500 Protein ID:222112661 Product:conjugal transfer protein Trbl Dtpsy_3501 Protein ID:222112662 Product:lipoprotein Dtpsy_3502 Protein ID:222112663 Product:conjugal transfer protein Trbj Dtpsy_3503 Protein ID:222112664 Product:conjugal transfer ATPase Trbe Dtpsy_3504 Protein ID:222112665 Product:conjugal transfer protein TrbD Dtpsy_3505 Protein ID:222112666 Product:conjugal transfer protein Trbc Dtpsy_3506 Protein ID:222112667 Product:p-type conjugative transfer ATPase trbb Dtpsy_3507 Protein ID:222112668 Product:copg domain-containing protein DNA-binding domain-containing protein Dtpsy_3508 Protein ID:222112669 Product:conjugal transfer coupling protein trag Dtpsy_3509 Protein ID:222112670 Product:hypothetical protein Dtpsy_3510 Protein ID:222112671 Product:LysR family transcriptional regulator Dtpsy_3511 Protein ID:222112672 Product:two component LuxR family transcriptional regulator Dtpsy_3512 Protein ID:222112673 Product:histidine kinase Dtpsy_3513 Protein ID:222112674 Product:hypothetical protein Dtpsy_3514 Protein ID:222112675 Product:mgtc/sapb transporter  Protein ID: Product: