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t4ss_object SYN_01855 Protein ID:85859513 Product:DeoR family transcriptional regulator SYN_01856 Protein ID:85859514 Product:cytoplasmic protein SYN_01857 Protein ID:85859515 Product:OmpA family outer membrane protein SYN_01858 Protein ID:85859516 Product:protein-disulfide isomerase SYN_01859 Protein ID:85859517 Product:hypothetical protein SYN_01860 Protein ID:85859518 Product:hypothetical protein SYN_01861 Protein ID:85859519 Product:sex pilus assembly/synthesis protein SYN_01862 Protein ID:85859520 Product:hypothetical protein SYN_01863 Protein ID:85859521 Product:pilus assembly protein SYN_01864 Protein ID:85859522 Product:hypothetical protein SYN_01865 Protein ID:85859523 Product:sex pilus assembly protein SYN_01866 Protein ID:85859524 Product:hypothetical protein SYN_01867 Protein ID:85859525 Product:hypothetical protein SYN_01868 Protein ID:85859526 Product:cytoplasmic protein SYN_01869 Protein ID:85859527 Product:conjugal DNA transfer protein SYN_01870 Protein ID:85859528 Product:cytoplasmic protein SYN_01871 Protein ID:85859529 Product:hypothetical protein SYN_01872 Protein ID:85859530 Product:type IV secretory protease SYN_01873 Protein ID:85859531 Product:hypothetical protein SYN_01874 Protein ID:85859532 Product:pilus assembly protein SYN_01875 Protein ID:85859533 Product:DNA transfer and F pilus assembly protein SYN_01876 Protein ID:85859534 Product:cytoplasmic protein SYN_01877 Protein ID:85859535 Product:transcriptional regulator SYN_01879 Protein ID:85859536 Product:cytoplasmic protein SYN_01880 Protein ID:85859537 Product:hypothetical protein SYN_01881 Protein ID:85859538 Product:Cro/CI family transcriptional regulator SYN_01882 Protein ID:85859539 Product:cytoplasmic protein SYN_01883 Protein ID:85859540 Product:DNA topoisomerase III SYN_01884 Protein ID:85859541 Product:soluble lytic murein transglycosylase SYN_01885 Protein ID:85859542 Product:cytoplasmic protein SYN_01886 Protein ID:85859543 Product:DNA transfer in the process of conjugation and F pilus assembly protein SYN_01887 Protein ID:85859544 Product:metal dependent phosphohydrolases  Protein ID: Product: