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t4ss_object Nham_4666 Protein ID:92109766 Product:RelB antitoxin Nham_4667 Protein ID:92109767 Product:addiction module toxin, RelE/StbE Nham_4668 Protein ID:92109768 Product:hypothetical protein Nham_4669 Protein ID:92109769 Product:single-strand binding protein Nham_4670 Protein ID:92109770 Product:hypothetical protein Nham_4671 Protein ID:92109771 Product:nuclease (SNase-like) Nham_4672 Protein ID:92109772 Product:conjugal transfer coupling protein TraG Nham_4673 Protein ID:92109773 Product:conjugal transfer TraD Nham_4674 Protein ID:92109774 Product:conjugal transfer protein TraC  Protein ID: Product: