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t4ss_object Bcep1808_7054 Protein ID:134287552 Product:hypothetical protein Bcep1808_7055 Protein ID:134287553 Product:hypothetical protein Bcep1808_7056 Protein ID:134287554 Product:hypothetical protein Bcep1808_7057 Protein ID:134287555 Product:conjugal transfer protein TrbG/VirB9/CagX Bcep1808_7058 Protein ID:134287556 Product:conjugation TrbI family protein Bcep1808_7059 Protein ID:134287557 Product:lytic transglycosylase, catalytic Bcep1808_7060 Protein ID:134287558 Product:hypothetical protein Bcep1808_7061 Protein ID:134287559 Product:lytic transglycosylase, catalytic Bcep1808_7062 Protein ID:134287560 Product:hypothetical protein Bcep1808_7063 Protein ID:134287561 Product:Type II secretory pathway component PulD-like protein  Protein ID: Product: