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t4ss_object GDI_2731 Protein ID:162148509 Product:hypothetical protein GDI_2732 Protein ID:162148510 Product:2-keto-4-pentenoate hydratase GDI_2733 Protein ID:162148511 Product:transcriptional regulator GDI_2734 Protein ID:162148512 Product:LysR family transcriptional regulator GDI_2735 Protein ID:162148513 Product:transposase GDI_2736 Protein ID:162148514 Product:conjugation TrbI-like protein GDI_2737 Protein ID:162148515 Product:type IV secretion system GDI_2738 Protein ID:162148516 Product:conjugal transfer protein TrbF GDI_2739 Protein ID:162148517 Product:trabsposase GDI_2741 Protein ID:162148518 Product:conjugal transfer protein TrbJ GDI_2742 Protein ID:162148519 Product:conjugal transfer ATPase TrbE GDI_2743 Protein ID:162148520 Product:conjugal transfer protein trbD GDI_2744 Protein ID:162148521 Product:conjugal transfer protein trbC GDI_2745 Protein ID:162148522 Product:type II/IV secretion system protein GDI_2746 Protein ID:162148523 Product:AraC family transcriptional regulator GDI_2747 Protein ID:162148524 Product:aldo/keto reductase GDI_2748 Protein ID:162148525 Product:hypothetical protein GDI_2749 Protein ID:162148526 Product:conjugal transfer coupling protein TraG GDI_2750 Protein ID:162148527 Product:hypothetical protein GDI_2751 Protein ID:162148528 Product:hypothetical protein GDI_2752 Protein ID:162148529 Product:hypothetical protein GDI_2753 Protein ID:162148530 Product:hypothetical protein GDI_2755 Protein ID:162148531 Product:transposase  Protein ID: Product: