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t4ss_object Pnap_2489 Protein ID:121605385 Product:oxidoreductase FAD-binding subunit Pnap_2490 Protein ID:121605386 Product:LysR family transcriptional regulator Pnap_2491 Protein ID:121605387 Product:hypothetical protein Pnap_2492 Protein ID:121605388 Product:hypothetical protein Pnap_2493 Protein ID:121605389 Product:hypothetical protein Pnap_2494 Protein ID:121605390 Product:lytic transglycosylase catalytic subunit Pnap_2495 Protein ID:121605391 Product:hypothetical protein Pnap_2496 Protein ID:121605392 Product:hypothetical protein Pnap_2497 Protein ID:121605393 Product:type II secretion system protein E Pnap_2498 Protein ID:121605394 Product:hypothetical protein Pnap_2499 Protein ID:121605395 Product:hypothetical protein Pnap_2500 Protein ID:121605396 Product:hypothetical protein Pnap_2501 Protein ID:121605397 Product:conjugal transfer protein TrbC Pnap_2502 Protein ID:121605398 Product:conjugal transfer TrbD family protein Pnap_2503 Protein ID:121605399 Product:CagE, TrbE, VirB component of type IV transporter system Pnap_2504 Protein ID:121605400 Product:conjugal transfer protein TrbJ Pnap_2505 Protein ID:121605401 Product:Type IV secretory pathway TrbL components-like protein Pnap_2506 Protein ID:121605402 Product:hypothetical protein Pnap_2507 Protein ID:121605403 Product:hypothetical protein Pnap_2508 Protein ID:121605404 Product:hypothetical protein Pnap_2509 Protein ID:121605405 Product:conjugal transfer protein Pnap_2510 Protein ID:121605406 Product:conjugal transfer protein TrbG/VirB9/CagX Pnap_2511 Protein ID:121605407 Product:conjugation TrbI family protein Pnap_2512 Protein ID:121605408 Product:cytochrome c biogenesis protein transmembrane subunit Pnap_2513 Protein ID:121605409 Product:thioredoxin domain-containing protein Pnap_2514 Protein ID:121605410 Product:hypothetical protein Pnap_2515 Protein ID:121605411 Product:TetR family transcriptional regulator Pnap_2516 Protein ID:121605412 Product:late embryogenesis abundant protein Pnap_2517 Protein ID:121605413 Product:hypothetical protein Pnap_2518 Protein ID:121605414 Product:hypothetical protein  Protein ID: Product: