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t4ss_object pP9014_p06 Protein ID:253723645 Product:TraD conjugal transfer protein pP9014_p07 Protein ID:253723646 Product:TraE DNA topoisomeraseIII pP9014_p08 Protein ID:253723647 Product:TraF protein pP9014_p09 Protein ID:253723648 Product:TraG conjugal transfer protein pP9014_p10 Protein ID:253723649 Product:TraI DNA relaxase pP9014_p11 Protein ID:253723650 Product:TraH relaxosome stabilising protein pP9014_p12 Protein ID:253723651 Product:TraJ oriT-binding protein pP9014_p13 Protein ID:253723652 Product:TraK oriT-binding protein pP9014_p14 Protein ID:253723653 Product:TraL transfer origin protein pP9014_p15 Protein ID:253723654 Product:TraM protein  Protein ID: Product: