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t4ss_object pP9014_p23 Protein ID:253723662 Product:KlcA protein pP9014_p24 Protein ID:253723663 Product:RepB initiator protein pP9014_p25 Protein ID:253723664 Product:hypothetical protein pP9014_p26 Protein ID:253723665 Product:hypothetical protein pP9014_p27 Protein ID:253723666 Product:truncated Ssb protein pP9014_p28 Protein ID:253723667 Product:TrbA DNA binding protein pP9014_p29 Protein ID:253723668 Product:TrbB protein pP9014_p30 Protein ID:253723669 Product:TrbC conjugal transfer protein precursor pP9014_p31 Protein ID:253723670 Product:TrbD mating pair formation protein pP9014_p32 Protein ID:253723671 Product:TrbE protein pP9014_p33 Protein ID:253723672 Product:TrbF protein pP9014_p34 Protein ID:253723673 Product:TrbG mating pair formation protein pP9014_p35 Protein ID:253723674 Product:TrbH protein pP9014_p36 Protein ID:253723675 Product:TrbI protein pP9014_p37 Protein ID:253723676 Product:TrbJ protein of DNA transfer system pP9014_p38 Protein ID:253723677 Product:TrbK entry exclusion protein pP9014_p39 Protein ID:253723678 Product:TrbL plasmid conjugal transfer protein precursor pP9014_p40 Protein ID:253723679 Product:TrbN protein pP9014_p41 Protein ID:253723680 Product:TrbP protein pP9014_p42 Protein ID:253723681 Product:putative outer membrane protein pP9014_p43 Protein ID:253723682 Product:TrbV protein pP9014_p44 Protein ID:253723683 Product:truncated transposase Tn3 pP9014_p45 Protein ID:253723684 Product:transposase IS26 pP9014_p46 Protein ID:253723685 Product:tetracycline repressor protein pP9014_p47 Protein ID:253723686 Product:class D tetracycline/H+ antiporter  Protein ID: Product: