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t4ss_object ST520_p12 Protein ID:116006748 Product:KlcA ST520_p33 Protein ID:116006749 Product:hypothetical protein XF1597 ST520_p34 Protein ID:116006750 Product:hypothetical protein XF1596 ST520_p15 Protein ID:116006751 Product:TrfA ST520_p32 Protein ID:116006752 Product:Ssb ST520_p31 Protein ID:116006753 Product:TrbA ST520_p30 Protein ID:116006754 Product:TrbB ST520_p29 Protein ID:116006755 Product:TrbC ST520_p28 Protein ID:116006756 Product:TrbD ST520_p27 Protein ID:116006757 Product:TrbE ST520_p26 Protein ID:116006758 Product:TrbF ST520_p25 Protein ID:116006759 Product:TrbG ST520_p24 Protein ID:116006760 Product:TrbH ST520_p23 Protein ID:116006761 Product:trbI ST520_p22 Protein ID:116006762 Product:TrbJ ST520_p21 Protein ID:116006763 Product:TrbK ST520_p20 Protein ID:116006764 Product:TrbL ST520_p19 Protein ID:116006765 Product:TrbM ST520_p18 Protein ID:116006766 Product:TrbN ST520_p17 Protein ID:116006767 Product:TrbO ST520_p16 Protein ID:116006768 Product:TrbP ST520_p14 Protein ID:116006769 Product:Upf30.5 ST520_p13 Protein ID:116006770 Product:Upf31.0 ST520_p35 Protein ID:444324180 Product:ParA ST520_p36 Protein ID:116006772 Product:TraC ST520_p37 Protein ID:116006773 Product:TraD ST520_p38 Protein ID:116006774 Product:TraE ST520_p39 Protein ID:116006775 Product:TraF ST520_p40 Protein ID:116006776 Product:TraG ST520_p41 Protein ID:116006777 Product:TraI ST520_p42 Protein ID:116006778 Product:TraH ST520_p43 Protein ID:116006779 Product:TraJ ST520_p44 Protein ID:116006780 Product:TraK ST520_p45 Protein ID:116006781 Product:TraL ST520_p46 Protein ID:116006782 Product:TraM  Protein ID: Product: