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t4ss_object lpa_00789 Protein ID:296106077 Product:hypothetical protein lpa_00790 Protein ID:296106078 Product:site-specific recombinase XerD lpa_00791 Protein ID:296106079 Product:hypothetical protein lpa_00792 Protein ID:296106080 Product:hypothetical protein lpa_00794 Protein ID:296106081 Product:Legionella vir region protein lpa_00795 Protein ID:296106082 Product:Legionella vir region protein lpa_00796 Protein ID:296106083 Product:carbon storage regulator lpa_00797 Protein ID:296106084 Product:LvhB11 lpa_00798 Protein ID:296106085 Product:hypothetical protein lpa_00800 Protein ID:296106086 Product:trbD Conjugal transfer protein trbD lpa_00803 Protein ID:296106087 Product:hypothetical protein lpa_00805 Protein ID:296106088 Product:Conjugal transfer protein trbF lpa_00807 Protein ID:296106089 Product:type IV secretion system protein VirB9 lpa_00808 Protein ID:296106090 Product:hypothetical protein lpa_00810 Protein ID:296106091 Product:trbI Conjugal transfer protein trbI lpa_00811 Protein ID:296106092 Product:Conjugal transfer protein trbJ precursor lpa_00813 Protein ID:296106093 Product:hypothetical protein lpa_00814 Protein ID:296106094 Product:Conjugal transfer protein trbL lpa_00815 Protein ID:296106095 Product:Conjugal transfer protein traG lpa_00816 Protein ID:296106096 Product:Plasmid transfer protein traF precursor lpa_00817 Protein ID:296106097 Product:traD Protein lpa_00818 Protein ID:296106098 Product:DNA primase traC lpa_00819 Protein ID:296106099 Product:hypothetical protein lpa_00820 Protein ID:296106100 Product:hypothetical protein  Protein ID: Product: