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t4ss_object lpg2073 Protein ID:52842287 Product:hypothetical protein lpg2074 Protein ID:52842288 Product:4-diphosphocytidyl-2C-methyl-D-erythritol synthase lpg2075 Protein ID:52842289 Product:DNA adenine methylase lpg2076 Protein ID:52842290 Product:hypothetical protein lpg2077 Protein ID:52842291 Product:hypothetical protein lpg2078 Protein ID:52842292 Product:hypothetical protein lpg2079 Protein ID:52842293 Product:hypothetical protein lpg2080 Protein ID:52842294 Product:hypothetical protein lpg2081 Protein ID:52842295 Product:sex pilus assembly TraF, thiol-disulfide isomerase and thioredoxins lpg2082 Protein ID:52842296 Product:pilus assembly protein TraF lpg2083 Protein ID:52842297 Product:conjugal transfer protein TraN lpg2084 Protein ID:52842298 Product:conjugative transfer protein TrbC lpg2085 Protein ID:52842299 Product:hypothetical protein lpg2086 Protein ID:52842300 Product:hypothetical protein lpg2087 Protein ID:52842301 Product:hypothetical protein lpg2088 Protein ID:52842302 Product:conjugative transfer: assembly lpg2089 Protein ID:52842303 Product:conjugative transfer protein TraB lpg2090 Protein ID:52842304 Product:conjugative transfer protein TraK lpg2091 Protein ID:52842305 Product:conjugative transfer protein TraE lpg2092 Protein ID:52842306 Product:sex pilus assembly protein-like lpg2093 Protein ID:52842307 Product:fimbrial protein -like lpg2094 Protein ID:52842308 Product:carbon storage regulator RsmA lpg2095 Protein ID:52842309 Product:protein LvrA lpg2096 Protein ID:52842310 Product:prophage repressor CI-like lpg2097 Protein ID:52842311 Product:hypothetical protein lpg2098 Protein ID:52842312 Product:MsrA3 - peptide methionine sulfoxide reductase lpg2099 Protein ID:52842313 Product:methionine sulfoxide reductase B  Protein ID: Product: