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t4ss_object ETN48_p0001 Protein ID:310286350 Product:hypothetical protein ETN48_p0002 Protein ID:310286351 Product:hypothetical protein ETN48_p0003 Protein ID:310286352 Product:transglycosylase ETN48_p0004 Protein ID:310286353 Product:conjugal transfer protein M ETN48_p0005 Protein ID:310286354 Product:positive regulator of conjugal transfer operon ETN48_p0006 Protein ID:310286355 Product:oriT nicking conjugative transfer protein ETN48_p0007 Protein ID:310286356 Product:fimbrial protein precursor TraA ETN48_p0008 Protein ID:310286357 Product:F pilus assembly protein TraL ETN48_p0009 Protein ID:310286358 Product:F pilus assembly protein TraE ETN48_p0010 Protein ID:310286359 Product:F pilus assembly protein TraK ETN48_p0011 Protein ID:310286360 Product:F pilus assembly protein TraB ETN48_p0012 Protein ID:310286361 Product:conjugal transfert protein TraP ETN48_p0013 Protein ID:310286362 Product:hypothetical protein ETN48_p0014 Protein ID:310286363 Product:conjugal transfer protein TrbG ETN48_p0015 Protein ID:310286364 Product:transposase ETN48_p0016 Protein ID:310286365 Product:transposase ETN48_p0018 Protein ID:310286366 Product:conjugal transfer protein TraR ETN48_p0019 Protein ID:310286367 Product:F pilus assembly protein TraC ETN48_p0021 Protein ID:310286368 Product:F pilus extension/retraction protein TrbI ETN48_p0022 Protein ID:310286369 Product:F pilus assembly protein TraW ETN48_p0023 Protein ID:310286370 Product:conjugal transfer protein TraU ETN48_p0024 Protein ID:310286371 Product:F pilus assembly protein TrbC ETN48_p0025 Protein ID:310286372 Product:conjugal transfer mating contact stabilization protein TraN ETN48_p0026 Protein ID:310286373 Product:conjugal transfer protein TrbE ETN48_p0027 Protein ID:310286374 Product:conjugal pilus assembly protein TraF ETN48_p0028 Protein ID:310286375 Product:protein trbA ETN48_p0029 Protein ID:310286376 Product:protein artA ETN48_p0030 Protein ID:310286377 Product:F pilin synthesis protein TraQ ETN48_p0031 Protein ID:310286378 Product:disulfide bond isomerase TrbB ETN48_p0032 Protein ID:310286379 Product:conjugal transfer protein TrbJ ETN48_p0033 Protein ID:310286380 Product:TrbF protein ETN48_p0034 Protein ID:310286381 Product:F pilus assembly protein TraH ETN48_p0035 Protein ID:310286382 Product:mating contact stabilization protein TraG ETN48_p0036 Protein ID:310286383 Product:conjugal transfer entry exclusion protein TraS ETN48_p0037 Protein ID:310286384 Product:complement resistance and surface exclusion outer membrane protein TraT ETN48_p0038 Protein ID:310286385 Product:conjugal transfer coupling protein TraD ETN48_p0039 Protein ID:310286386 Product:protein TraI (DNA helicase I) ETN48_p0040 Protein ID:310286387 Product:F pilin acetylase traX ETN48_p0041 Protein ID:310286388 Product:fertility inhibition protein FinO (Conjugal transfer repressor) ETN48_p0042 Protein ID:310286389 Product:hypothetical protein ETN48_p0044 Protein ID:310286390 Product:hypothetical protein ETN48_p194 Protein ID:310286391 Product:modulator of post-segregation killing protein SrnB ETN48_p0045 Protein ID:310286392 Product:hypothetical protein ETN48_p0046 Protein ID:310286393 Product:replication regulatory protein RepA2 (CopB) ETN48_p0048 Protein ID:310286394 Product:hypothetical protein ETN48_p0049 Protein ID:310286395 Product:hypothetical protein  Protein ID: Product: