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t4ss_object BB4889 Protein ID:33603862 Product:hypothetical protein BB4890 Protein ID:33603863 Product:toxin subunit 1 BB4891 Protein ID:33603864 Product:toxin subunit 2 BB4892 Protein ID:33603865 Product:toxin subunit 4 BB4893 Protein ID:33603866 Product:toxin subunit 5 BB4894 Protein ID:33603867 Product:toxin subunit 3 BB4895 Protein ID:33603868 Product:toxin transport protein BB4896 Protein ID:33603869 Product:toxin transport protein BB4897 Protein ID:33603870 Product:secretion system protein BB4898 Protein ID:33603871 Product:hypothetical protein BB4898A Protein ID:33603872 Product:secretion system protein BB4899 Protein ID:33603873 Product:secretion system protein BB4900 Protein ID:33603874 Product:secretion system protein BB4901 Protein ID:33603875 Product:secretion system protein BB4902 Protein ID:33603876 Product:secretion system protein BB4903 Protein ID:33603877 Product:hypothetical protein BB4904 Protein ID:33603878 Product:AraC family transcriptional regulator BB4905 Protein ID:33603879 Product:hypothetical protein BB4906 Protein ID:33603880 Product:hypothetical protein  Protein ID: Product: