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t4ss_object HCM1.61c Protein ID:18466478 Product:hypothetical protein HCM1.62c Protein ID:18466479 Product:hypothetical protein HCM1.63c Protein ID:18466480 Product:hypothetical protein HCM1.64 Protein ID:18466481 Product:replication initiation protein HCM1.67 Protein ID:18466482 Product:pilin precursor HCM1.69 Protein ID:18466483 Product:plasmid transfer protein HCM1.70 Protein ID:18466484 Product:pilus assembly protein HCM1.71 Protein ID:18466485 Product:periplasmic protein HCM1.72 Protein ID:18466486 Product:hypothetical protein HCM1.73 Protein ID:18466487 Product:plasmid transfer protein HCM1.74 Protein ID:18466488 Product:hypothetical protein HCM1.75 Protein ID:18466489 Product:plasmid transfer protein HCM1.76 Protein ID:18466490 Product:plasmid transfer protein HCM1.77 Protein ID:18466491 Product:plasmid transfer protein HCM1.86 Protein ID:18466492 Product:plasmid partition protein  Protein ID: Product: