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t4ss_object Swit_5355 Protein ID:148550791 Product:CheB methylesterase Swit_5356 Protein ID:148550792 Product:response regulator receiver sensor signal transduction histidine kinase Swit_5357 Protein ID:148550793 Product:hypothetical protein Swit_5358 Protein ID:148550794 Product:hypothetical protein Swit_5359 Protein ID:148550795 Product:hypothetical protein Swit_5360 Protein ID:148550796 Product:hypothetical protein Swit_5361 Protein ID:148550797 Product:lytic transglycosylase, catalytic Swit_5362 Protein ID:148550798 Product:hypothetical protein Swit_5363 Protein ID:148550799 Product:hypothetical protein Swit_5364 Protein ID:148550800 Product:hypothetical protein Swit_5365 Protein ID:148550801 Product:Type IV conjugative transfer system protein TraL Swit_5366 Protein ID:148550802 Product:TraE family protein Swit_5367 Protein ID:148550803 Product:hypothetical protein Swit_5368 Protein ID:148550804 Product:TraB pilus assembly family protein Swit_5369 Protein ID:148550805 Product:hypothetical protein Swit_5370 Protein ID:148550806 Product:Type IV conjugative transfer system protein TraV Swit_5371 Protein ID:148550807 Product:Type-IV secretion system protein TraC Swit_5372 Protein ID:148550808 Product:hypothetical protein Swit_5373 Protein ID:148550809 Product:hypothetical protein Swit_5374 Protein ID:148550810 Product:type IV secretory pathway protease TraF-like protein Swit_5375 Protein ID:148550811 Product:Type-F conjugative transfer system protein TraW Swit_5376 Protein ID:148550812 Product:hypothetical protein Swit_5377 Protein ID:148550813 Product:TraU family protein Swit_5378 Protein ID:148550814 Product:type-F conjugative transfer system pilin assembly protein TrbC Swit_5379 Protein ID:148550815 Product:conjugal transfer mating pair stabilization protein TraN Swit_5380 Protein ID:148550816 Product:hypothetical protein Swit_5381 Protein ID:148550817 Product:TraF-like protein Swit_5382 Protein ID:148550818 Product:TraH family protein Swit_5383 Protein ID:148550819 Product:TraG domain-containing protein Swit_5384 Protein ID:148550820 Product:hypothetical protein Swit_5385 Protein ID:148550821 Product:hypothetical protein Swit_5386 Protein ID:148550822 Product:hypothetical protein Swit_5387 Protein ID:148550823 Product:acyl carrier protein Swit_5388 Protein ID:148550824 Product:metal dependent phosphohydrolase  Protein ID: Product: