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t4ss_object Rmet_1481 Protein ID:94310423 Product:putative DNA-binding transcriptional regulator Rmet_1482 Protein ID:94310424 Product:lipoprotein Rmet_1483 Protein ID:94310425 Product:hypothetical protein Rmet_1484 Protein ID:94310426 Product:putative transcriptional regulator (DNA binding protein) Rmet_1485 Protein ID:94310427 Product:replication initiation protein CMGI-3 (GI family Tn4371) Rmet_1486 Protein ID:94310428 Product:ATPase involved in plasmid partitioning ParA Rmet_6451 Protein ID:335055528 Product:regulator of plasmid copy number (ribbon-helix-helix) Rmet_1487 Protein ID:335055529 Product:hypothetical protein Rmet_1488 Protein ID:94310430 Product:plasmid conjugal transfer transmembrane protein Rmet_1489 Protein ID:94310431 Product:relaxase type IV secretory pathway VirD2 Rmet_1490 Protein ID:94310432 Product:putative transcriptional regulator (fragment)  Protein ID: Product: