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t4ss_object ASA_P5G019 Protein ID:145301403 Product:putative plasmid replication protein repA ASA_P5G020 Protein ID:145301404 Product:putative plasmid replication protein RepB ASA_P5G021 Protein ID:145301405 Product:putative partition protein ASA_P5G022 Protein ID:145301406 Product:hypothetical protein ASA_P5G023 Protein ID:145301407 Product:hypothetical protein ASA_P5G024 Protein ID:145301408 Product:TraA fimbrial protein precursor ASA_P5G025 Protein ID:145301409 Product:conjugal transfer pilus assembly protein TraL ASA_P5G026 Protein ID:145301410 Product:conjugal transfer pilus assembly protein TraE ASA_P5G027 Protein ID:145301411 Product:conjugal transfer protein TraK ASA_P5G028 Protein ID:145301412 Product:conjugal transfer pilus assembly protein TraB ASA_P5G029 Protein ID:145301413 Product:conjugal transfer protein TraV ASA_P5G030 Protein ID:145301414 Product:conjugal transfer ATP-binding protein TraC ASA_P5G031 Protein ID:145301415 Product:conjugative transfer protein TrbI ASA_P5G032 Protein ID:145301416 Product:conjugal transfer pilus assembly protein TraW ASA_P5G033 Protein ID:145301417 Product:conjugal transfer pilus assembly protein TraU ASA_P5G034 Protein ID:145301418 Product:TrbC protein ASA_P5G035 Protein ID:145301419 Product:conjugal transfer mating pair stabilization protein TraN ASA_P5G036 Protein ID:145301420 Product:hypothetical protein ASA_P5G037 Protein ID:145301421 Product:conjugal transfer protein TrbB ASA_P5G038 Protein ID:145301422 Product:conjugal transfer pilus assembly protein TraH ASA_P5G040 Protein ID:145301423 Product:conjugal transfer entry exclusion protein TraS ASA_P5G041 Protein ID:145301424 Product:surface exclusion lipoprotein TraT ASA_P5G042 Protein ID:145301425 Product:TraD protein ASA_P5G043 Protein ID:145301426 Product:conjugal transfer nickase/helicase TraI ASA_P5G044 Protein ID:145301427 Product:IS256 family transposase ASA_P5G045 Protein ID:145301428 Product:putative inositol phosphatase; TTSS effector protein ASA_P5G046 Protein ID:145301429 Product:putative ati2 chaperone  Protein ID: Product: