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t4ss_object pKpQIL_p077 Protein ID:294496761 Product:hypothetical protein pKpQIL_p078 Protein ID:294496762 Product:hypothetical protein pKpQIL_p079 Protein ID:294496763 Product:hypothetical protein pKpQIL_p080 Protein ID:294496764 Product:hypothetical protein pKpQIL_p081 Protein ID:294496765 Product:hypothetical protein pKpQIL_p082 Protein ID:294496766 Product:hypothetical protein pKpQIL_p083 Protein ID:294496767 Product:putative lytic transglycosylase pKpQIL_p084 Protein ID:294496768 Product:mating signal protein pKpQIL_p085 Protein ID:294496769 Product:expression of tra operon pKpQIL_p086 Protein ID:294496770 Product:oriT nicking pKpQIL_p087 Protein ID:294496771 Product:F pilin subunit pKpQIL_p088 Protein ID:294496772 Product:F pilus assembly protein pKpQIL_p089 Protein ID:294496773 Product:F pilus assembly protein pKpQIL_p090 Protein ID:294496774 Product:F pilus assembly protein pKpQIL_p091 Protein ID:294496775 Product:F pilus assembly protein pKpQIL_p092 Protein ID:294496776 Product:F pilus assembly protein pKpQIL_p093 Protein ID:294496777 Product:hypothetical protein pKpQIL_p094 Protein ID:294496778 Product:hypothetical protein pKpQIL_p095 Protein ID:294496779 Product:hypothetical protein pKpQIL_p096 Protein ID:294496780 Product:hypothetical protein pKpQIL_p097 Protein ID:294496781 Product:hypothetical protein pKpQIL_p098 Protein ID:294496782 Product:hypothetical protein pKpQIL_p099 Protein ID:294496783 Product:F pilus assembly protein pKpQIL_p100 Protein ID:294496784 Product:inner membrane protein pKpQIL_p101 Protein ID:294496785 Product:F pilus assembly protein pKpQIL_p102 Protein ID:294496786 Product:hypothetical protein pKpQIL_p103 Protein ID:294496787 Product:F pilus assembly protein pKpQIL_p104 Protein ID:294496788 Product:pilus assembly protein pKpQIL_p105 Protein ID:294496789 Product:aggregate stability pKpQIL_p106 Protein ID:294496790 Product:inner membrane protein pKpQIL_p107 Protein ID:294496791 Product:hypothetical protein pKpQIL_p108 Protein ID:294496792 Product:hypothetical protein pKpQIL_p109 Protein ID:294496793 Product:F pilus assembly protein pKpQIL_p110 Protein ID:294496794 Product:F pilin synthesis pKpQIL_p111 Protein ID:294496795 Product:inner membrane protein pKpQIL_p112 Protein ID:294496796 Product:conjugal transfer protein pKpQIL_p113 Protein ID:294496797 Product:F pilus assembly protein pKpQIL_p114 Protein ID:294496798 Product:F pilus assembly and aggregate stability protein pKpQIL_p115 Protein ID:294496799 Product:surface exclusion protein pKpQIL_p116 Protein ID:294496800 Product:surface exclusion protein pKpQIL_p117 Protein ID:294496801 Product:hypothetical protein pKpQIL_p118 Protein ID:294496802 Product:conjugal transfer protein pKpQIL_p119 Protein ID:294496803 Product:oriT nicking-unwinding pKpQIL_p120 Protein ID:294496804 Product:F pilin acetylation protein pKpQIL_p121 Protein ID:294496805 Product:fertility inhibition protein  Protein ID: Product: