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t4ss_object Ec53638_A0013 Protein ID:188574223 Product:conjugal transfer protein TraD Ec53638_A0014 Protein ID:188574266 Product:plasmid maintenance protein Ec53638_A0015 Protein ID:188574254 Product:putative virulence-associated protein Ec53638_A0016 Protein ID:188574226 Product:conjugal transfer nickase/helicase TraI Ec53638_A0017 Protein ID:188574240 Product:conjugal transfer pilus acetylation protein TraX Ec53638_A0018 Protein ID:188574211 Product:conjugal transfer fertility inhibition protein FinO Ec53638_A0019 Protein ID:188574201 Product:hypothetical protein Ec53638_A0020 Protein ID:188574209 Product:nuclease homolog Ec53638_A0021 Protein ID:188574203 Product:hypothetical protein Ec53638_A0023 Protein ID:188574178 Product:transposase InsA9 for IS1, orfB9 Ec53638_A0024 Protein ID:188574245 Product:hypothetical protein Ec53638_A0025 Protein ID:188574208 Product:replication protein Ec53638_A0026 Protein ID:188574214 Product:replication protein  Protein ID: Product: