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t4ss_object Pnap_4188 Protein ID:121582772 Product:aldehyde dehydrogenase Pnap_4189 Protein ID:121582773 Product:OmpW family protein Pnap_4191 Protein ID:121582774 Product:LysR family transcriptional regulator Pnap_4192 Protein ID:121582775 Product:hypothetical protein Pnap_4193 Protein ID:121582776 Product:conjugal transfer coupling protein TraG Pnap_4194 Protein ID:121582777 Product:CopG/DNA-binding domain-containing protein Pnap_4195 Protein ID:121582778 Product:type II secretion system protein E Pnap_4196 Protein ID:121582779 Product:conjugal transfer protein TrbC Pnap_4197 Protein ID:121582780 Product:putative conjugal transfer TrbD transmembrane protein Pnap_4198 Protein ID:121582781 Product:conjugal transfer ATPase TrbE Pnap_4199 Protein ID:121582782 Product:conjugal transfer protein TrbJ Pnap_4200 Protein ID:121582783 Product:conjugal transfer protein TrbL Pnap_4201 Protein ID:121582784 Product:conjugal transfer protein TrbF Pnap_4202 Protein ID:121582785 Product:conjugal transfer protein TrbG/VirB9/CagX Pnap_4203 Protein ID:121582786 Product:conjugation TrbI family protein Pnap_4204 Protein ID:121582787 Product:hypothetical protein Pnap_4205 Protein ID:121582788 Product:hypothetical protein Pnap_4206 Protein ID:121582789 Product:hypothetical protein Pnap_4207 Protein ID:121582790 Product:hypothetical protein Pnap_4208 Protein ID:121582791 Product:hypothetical protein Pnap_4209 Protein ID:121582792 Product:hypothetical protein Pnap_4210 Protein ID:121582793 Product:hypothetical protein  Protein ID: Product: