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t4ss_object pB3_p01 Protein ID:55418006 Product:replication initiation protein pB3_p02 Protein ID:55418007 Product:single strand DNA binding protein pB3_p03 Protein ID:55418008 Product:TrbA regulator protein pB3_p04 Protein ID:55418009 Product:TrbB secretion system protein pB3_p05 Protein ID:55418010 Product:TrbC conjugal transfer protein precursor pB3_p06 Protein ID:55418011 Product:TrbD conjugal transfer protein pB3_p07 Protein ID:55418012 Product:TrbE conjugal transfer protein precursor pB3_p08 Protein ID:55418013 Product:TrbF conjugal transfer protein pB3_p09 Protein ID:55418014 Product:TrbG conjugal transfer protein precursor pB3_p10 Protein ID:55418015 Product:TrbH conjugal transfer protein precursor pB3_p11 Protein ID:55418016 Product:TrbI conjugal transfer protein pB3_p12 Protein ID:55418017 Product:TrbJ conjugal transfer/entry exclusion protein precursor pB3_p13 Protein ID:55418018 Product:TrbK entry exclusion protein precursor pB3_p14 Protein ID:55418019 Product:TrbL plasmid conjugal transfer protein precursor pB3_p15 Protein ID:55418020 Product:TrbM conjugal transfer protein precursor pB3_p16 Protein ID:55418021 Product:TrbN, putative muramidase pB3_p17 Protein ID:55418022 Product:TrbO conjugal transfer protein pB3_p18 Protein ID:55418023 Product:TrbP conjugal transfer protein pB3_p19 Protein ID:55418024 Product:putative outer membrane protein precursor pB3_p20 Protein ID:55418025 Product:putative site-specific DNA-methyltransferase pB3_p21 Protein ID:55418026 Product:plasmid stablization protein ParA, resolvase pB3_p22 Protein ID:55418027 Product:beta-lactamase LCR-1 precursor pB3_p23 Protein ID:55418028 Product:putative TniC resolvase  Protein ID: Product: