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t4ss_object pB3_p38 Protein ID:55418041 Product:TraD protein pB3_p39 Protein ID:55418042 Product:DNA topoisomerase pB3_p40 Protein ID:55418043 Product:TraF maturation peptidase precursor pB3_p41 Protein ID:55418044 Product:DNA transport protein precursor pB3_p42 Protein ID:55418045 Product:TraI DNA-relaxase pB3_p43 Protein ID:55418046 Product:TraH protein pB3_p44 Protein ID:55418047 Product:oriT binding protein TraJ pB3_p45 Protein ID:55418048 Product:oriT binding protein TraK pB3_p46 Protein ID:55418049 Product:TraL origin of transfer (oriT) protein pB3_p47 Protein ID:55418050 Product:TraM protein  Protein ID: Product: