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t4ss_object pXcB_p01 Protein ID:38639497 Product:hypothetical protein pXcB_p02 Protein ID:38639524 Product:hypothetical protein pXcB_p03 Protein ID:38639507 Product:MobD pXcB_p04 Protein ID:38639508 Product:VirB2 pXcB_p05 Protein ID:38639509 Product:VirB3 pXcB_p06 Protein ID:38639490 Product:VirB4 pXcB_p07 Protein ID:38639504 Product:VirB5 pXcB_p08 Protein ID:38639510 Product:VirB7 pXcB_p09 Protein ID:38639525 Product:hypothetical protein pXcB_p10 Protein ID:38639496 Product:VirB6 pXcB_p11 Protein ID:38639503 Product:VirB8 pXcB_p12 Protein ID:38639499 Product:VirB9 pXcB_p13 Protein ID:38639492 Product:VirB10 pXcB_p14 Protein ID:38639502 Product:VirB11 pXcB_p15 Protein ID:38639495 Product:VirB1 pXcB_p16 Protein ID:38639506 Product:putative ATP/GTP binding protein pXcB_p17 Protein ID:38639505 Product:putative endonuclease pXcB_p18 Protein ID:38639511 Product:hypothetical protein pXcB_p19 Protein ID:38639512 Product:YacA pXcB_p20 Protein ID:38639513 Product:YacB pXcB_p21 Protein ID:38639489 Product:TrwC pXcB_p22 Protein ID:38639491 Product:TrwB pXcB_p23 Protein ID:38639514 Product:TraA pXcB_p24 Protein ID:38639517 Product:TraD pXcB_p25 Protein ID:38639515 Product:StbB pXcB_p26 Protein ID:38639516 Product:hypothetical protein pXcB_p27 Protein ID:38639518 Product:hypothetical protein pXcB_p28 Protein ID:38639519 Product:hypothetical protein pXcB_p29 Protein ID:38639494 Product:TnpR  Protein ID: Product: