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t4ss_object VF_B0031 Protein ID:59714387 Product:hypothetical protein VF_B0032 Protein ID:59714388 Product:transporter VF_B0033 Protein ID:59714389 Product:hypothetical protein VF_B0034 Protein ID:59714390 Product:hypothetical protein VF_B0035 Protein ID:59714391 Product:trypsin protease precursor VF_B0036 Protein ID:59714392 Product:hypothetical protein VF_B0037 Protein ID:59714393 Product:hypothetical protein VF_B0038 Protein ID:59714394 Product:attachment mediating protein VirB2-like protein VF_B0056 Protein ID:172087628 Product:type IV secretion (pTiA6 VirB3) VF_B0039 Protein ID:59714395 Product:VirB4 ATPase VF_B0057 Protein ID:172087629 Product:type IV secretion (pTiA6 VirB7) VF_B0040 Protein ID:59714396 Product:channel protein VirB8 VF_B0041 Protein ID:59714397 Product:channel protein VirB9 VF_B0042 Protein ID:59714398 Product:channel protein VirB10 VF_B0043 Protein ID:59714399 Product:VirB11 ATPase VF_B0044 Protein ID:59714400 Product:protein VirD4 VF_B0045 Protein ID:59714401 Product:single-strand DNA binding protein VF_B0046 Protein ID:59714402 Product:DNA topoisomerase III VF_B0047 Protein ID:59714403 Product:outer membrane protein VF_B0048 Protein ID:59714404 Product:hypothetical protein VF_B0049 Protein ID:59714405 Product:hypothetical protein  Protein ID: Product: