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t4ss_object Pat9b_4051 Protein ID:317052822 Product:hypothetical protein Pat9b_4052 Protein ID:317052823 Product:SET domain containing 1A Pat9b_4053 Protein ID:317052824 Product:hypothetical protein Pat9b_4054 Protein ID:317052825 Product:hypothetical protein Pat9b_4055 Protein ID:317052826 Product:hypothetical protein Pat9b_4056 Protein ID:317052827 Product:hypothetical protein Pat9b_4057 Protein ID:317052828 Product:zinc-containing alcohol dehydrogenase family protein Pat9b_4058 Protein ID:317052829 Product:Zyxin (Zyxin-2) Pat9b_4059 Protein ID:317052830 Product:hypothetical protein Pat9b_4061 Protein ID:317052831 Product:Lytic transglycosylase catalytic Pat9b_4062 Protein ID:317052832 Product:hypothetical protein Pat9b_4063 Protein ID:317052833 Product:hypothetical protein Pat9b_4064 Protein ID:317052834 Product:TraA family protein Pat9b_4065 Protein ID:317052835 Product:type IV conjugative transfer system protein TraL Pat9b_4066 Protein ID:317052836 Product:TraE family protein Pat9b_4067 Protein ID:317052837 Product:type-F conjugative transfer system secretin TraK Pat9b_4068 Protein ID:317052838 Product:TraB pilus assembly family protein Pat9b_4069 Protein ID:317052839 Product:NusG antitermination factor Pat9b_4070 Protein ID:317052840 Product:hypothetical protein Pat9b_4071 Protein ID:317052841 Product:hypothetical protein Pat9b_4072 Protein ID:317052842 Product:hypothetical protein Pat9b_4073 Protein ID:317052843 Product:type IV conjugative transfer system protein TraV Pat9b_4074 Protein ID:317052844 Product:hypothetical protein Pat9b_4075 Protein ID:317052845 Product:type-IV secretion system protein TraC Pat9b_4076 Protein ID:317052846 Product:Type-F conjugative transfer system protein TrbI Pat9b_4077 Protein ID:317052847 Product:type-F conjugative transfer system protein TraW Pat9b_4078 Protein ID:317052848 Product:hypothetical protein Pat9b_4079 Protein ID:317052849 Product:hypothetical protein Pat9b_4080 Protein ID:317052850 Product:hypothetical protein Pat9b_4081 Protein ID:317052851 Product:TraU family protein Pat9b_4082 Protein ID:317052852 Product:type-F conjugative transfer system pilin assembly protein TrbC Pat9b_4083 Protein ID:317052853 Product:conjugal transfer mating pair stabilization protein TraN Pat9b_4084 Protein ID:317052854 Product:type-F conjugative transfer system pilin assembly protein TraF Pat9b_4085 Protein ID:317052855 Product:hypothetical protein Pat9b_4086 Protein ID:317052856 Product:major facilitator superfamily MFS_1 Pat9b_4087 Protein ID:317052857 Product:conjugal transfer protein TrbB Pat9b_4088 Protein ID:317052858 Product:hypothetical protein Pat9b_4089 Protein ID:317052859 Product:TraH family protein Pat9b_4090 Protein ID:317052860 Product:TraG domain-containing protein Pat9b_4091 Protein ID:317052861 Product:hypothetical protein Pat9b_4092 Protein ID:317052862 Product:TraT complement resistance family protein Pat9b_4093 Protein ID:317052863 Product:hypothetical protein Pat9b_4094 Protein ID:317052864 Product:hypothetical protein Pat9b_4095 Protein ID:317052865 Product:type IV conjugative transfer system coupling protein TraD Pat9b_4096 Protein ID:317052866 Product:conjugative transfer relaxase protein TraI Pat9b_4097 Protein ID:317052867 Product:DSBA oxidoreductase Pat9b_4098 Protein ID:317052868 Product:replication initiation protein Pat9b_4099 Protein ID:317052869 Product:hypothetical protein Pat9b_4100 Protein ID:317052870 Product:hypothetical protein  Protein ID: Product: