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t4ss_object ACMV_P2_00390 Protein ID:325168970 Product:hypothetical protein ACMV_P2_00400 Protein ID:325168971 Product:recombinase ACMV_P2_00410 Protein ID:325168972 Product:hypothetical protein ACMV_P2_00420 Protein ID:325168973 Product:UmuD protein ACMV_P2_00430 Protein ID:325168974 Product:UmuC protein ACMV_P2_00440 Protein ID:325168975 Product:conjugal transfer protein TraG ACMV_P2_00450 Protein ID:325168976 Product:hypothetical protein ACMV_P2_00460 Protein ID:325168977 Product:hypothetical protein ACMV_P2_00470 Protein ID:325168978 Product:hypothetical protein ACMV_P2_00480 Protein ID:325168979 Product:hypothetical protein ACMV_P2_00490 Protein ID:325168980 Product:replication protein ACMV_P2_00500 Protein ID:325168981 Product:hypothetical protein ACMV_P2_00510 Protein ID:325168982 Product:hypothetical protein ACMV_P2_00520 Protein ID:325168983 Product:hypothetical protein ACMV_P2_00530 Protein ID:325168984 Product:Tn3 family transposase ACMV_P2_00540 Protein ID:325168985 Product:resolvase ACMV_P2_00550 Protein ID:325168986 Product:type IV secretion system VirB11 ACMV_P2_00560 Protein ID:325168987 Product:hypothetical protein ACMV_P2_00570 Protein ID:325168988 Product:type IV secretion system VirB10 ACMV_P2_00580 Protein ID:325168989 Product:type IV secretion system VirB9 ACMV_P2_00590 Protein ID:325168990 Product:type IV secretion system VirB8 ACMV_P2_00600 Protein ID:325168991 Product:hypothetical protein ACMV_P2_00610 Protein ID:325168992 Product:type IV secretion system VirB6 ACMV_P2_00620 Protein ID:325168993 Product:hypothetical protein ACMV_P2_00630 Protein ID:325168994 Product:type IV secretion system VirB5 ACMV_P2_00640 Protein ID:325168995 Product:type IV secretion system VirB4 ACMV_P2_00650 Protein ID:325168996 Product:type IV secretion system VirB3 ACMV_P2_00660 Protein ID:325168997 Product:type IV secretion system VirB2 ACMV_P2_00670 Protein ID:325168998 Product:type IV secretion system VirB1 ACMV_P2_00680 Protein ID:325168999 Product:hypothetical protein ACMV_P2_00690 Protein ID:325169000 Product:Xre family transcriptional regulator  Protein ID: Product: