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t4ss_object pB8_009 Protein ID:77993227 Product:small multidrug resistance protein (SMR) pB8_011 Protein ID:77993228 Product:replication initiation protein pB8_012 Protein ID:77993229 Product:single strand DNA binding protein pB8_013 Protein ID:77993230 Product:DNA binding protein pB8_014 Protein ID:77993231 Product:ATPase pB8_015 Protein ID:77993232 Product:putative prepilin pB8_016 Protein ID:77993233 Product:TrbD protein pB8_017 Protein ID:77993234 Product:TrbE protein pB8_018 Protein ID:77993235 Product:TrbF protein pB8_019 Protein ID:77993236 Product:TrbG protein pB8_020 Protein ID:77993237 Product:TrbH protein pB8_021 Protein ID:77993238 Product:TrbI protein pB8_022 Protein ID:77993239 Product:TrbJ protein pB8_023 Protein ID:77993240 Product:TrbK protein pB8_024 Protein ID:77993241 Product:TrbL protein pB8_025 Protein ID:77993242 Product:TrbM protein pB8_026 Protein ID:77993243 Product:putative muramidase pB8_027 Protein ID:77993244 Product:TrbO protein pB8_028 Protein ID:77993245 Product:TrbP protein pB8_029 Protein ID:77993246 Product:putative outer membrane protein pB8_030 Protein ID:77993247 Product:putative adenine methylase pB8_031 Protein ID:77993248 Product:integrase pB8_032 Protein ID:77993249 Product:Oxa-2 beta-lactamase precursor  Protein ID: Product: