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t4ss_object pB8_040 Protein ID:77993257 Product:TraD protein pB8_041 Protein ID:77993258 Product:possible DNA topoisomerase pB8_042 Protein ID:77993259 Product:possible protease pB8_043 Protein ID:77993260 Product:TraG protein pB8_044-1 Protein ID:77993261 Product:DNA relaxase pB8_044-2 Protein ID:77993262 Product:TraH protein pB8_045 Protein ID:77993263 Product:oriT binding protein pB8_046 Protein ID:77993264 Product:oriT binding protein pB8_047 Protein ID:77993265 Product:TraL protein pB8_048 Protein ID:77993266 Product:TraM protein  Protein ID: Product: