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t4ss_object bgla_3p0500 Protein ID:330818857 Product:hypothetical protein bgla_3p0510 Protein ID:330818858 Product:hypothetical protein bgla_3p0520 Protein ID:330818859 Product:hypothetical protein bgla_3p0530 Protein ID:330818860 Product:cobalamin biosynthesis cobS-like protein bgla_3p0540 Protein ID:330818861 Product:conjugal transfer protein TraN bgla_3p0550 Protein ID:330818862 Product:conjugal transfer protein TraU bgla_3p0560 Protein ID:330818863 Product:Type-F conjugative transfer system pilin assembly protein TrbC bgla_3p0570 Protein ID:330818864 Product:putative pilus assembly protein, TrhF bgla_3p0580 Protein ID:330818865 Product:type-IV secretion system protein TraC bgla_3p0590 Protein ID:330818866 Product:hypothetical protein bgla_3p0600 Protein ID:330818867 Product:sex pilus assembly protein TraV bgla_3p0610 Protein ID:330818868 Product:sex pilus assembly protein TraB bgla_3p0620 Protein ID:330818869 Product:sex pilus assembly protein TraK bgla_3p0630 Protein ID:330818870 Product:sex pilus assembly protein TraE bgla_3p0640 Protein ID:330818871 Product:sex pilus assembly protein TraL bgla_3p0650 Protein ID:330818872 Product:Outer membrane protein bgla_3p0660 Protein ID:330818873 Product:Thiol:disulfide interchange protein DsbG precursor bgla_3p0670 Protein ID:330818874 Product:periplasmic disulfide oxidoreductase,DsbA type bgla_3p0680 Protein ID:330818875 Product:general secretory pathway protein E bgla_3p0690 Protein ID:330818876 Product:transglycosylase SLT domain-containing protein bgla_3p0700 Protein ID:330818877 Product:sex pilus assembly protein TraF bgla_3p0710 Protein ID:330818878 Product:sex pilus assembly protein TraH bgla_3p0720 Protein ID:330818879 Product:sex pilus assembly protein TraG bgla_3p0730 Protein ID:330818880 Product:putative virulence-associated porotein bgla_3p0740 Protein ID:330818881 Product:hypothetical protein bgla_3p0750 Protein ID:330818882 Product:histone family protein nucleoid-structuring protein H-NS bgla_3p0760 Protein ID:330818883 Product:hypothetical protein bgla_3p0770 Protein ID:330818884 Product:putative TraG family protein bgla_3p0780 Protein ID:330818885 Product:hypothetical protein bgla_3p0790 Protein ID:330818886 Product:Transcriptional regulator, LuxR family protein bgla_3p0800 Protein ID:330818887 Product:hypothetical protein bgla_3p0810 Protein ID:330818888 Product:hypothetical protein  Protein ID: Product: