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t4ss_object Aave_0683 Protein ID:120609380 Product:putative lipoprotein Aave_0684 Protein ID:120609381 Product:hypothetical protein Aave_0685 Protein ID:120609382 Product:hypothetical protein Aave_0686 Protein ID:120609383 Product:putative replication initiator and transcription repressor protein Aave_0687 Protein ID:120609384 Product:cobyrinic acid a,c-diamide synthase Aave_0688 Protein ID:120609385 Product:hypothetical protein Aave_0689 Protein ID:120609386 Product:hypothetical protein Aave_0690 Protein ID:120609387 Product:putative conjugal transfer TRAF transmembrane protein Aave_0691 Protein ID:120609388 Product:hypothetical protein Aave_0692 Protein ID:120609389 Product:transposase IS3/IS911 family protein Aave_0693 Protein ID:120609390 Product:integrase catalytic subunit Aave_0694 Protein ID:120609391 Product:integrase catalytic subunit  Protein ID: Product: