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t4ss_object pXFRIV11_p01 Protein ID:295788860 Product:P1 pXFRIV11_p02 Protein ID:295788861 Product:P2 pXFRIV11_p03 Protein ID:295788862 Product:P3 pXFRIV11_p04 Protein ID:295788863 Product:P4 pXFRIV11_p05 Protein ID:295788864 Product:P5 pXFRIV11_p06 Protein ID:295788865 Product:P6 pXFRIV11_p07 Protein ID:295788866 Product:P7 pXFRIV11_p08 Protein ID:295788867 Product:P8 pXFRIV11_p09 Protein ID:295788868 Product:P9 pXFRIV11_p10 Protein ID:295788869 Product:P10 pXFRIV11_p11 Protein ID:295788870 Product:P11 pXFRIV11_p12 Protein ID:295788871 Product:P12 pXFRIV11_p13 Protein ID:295788872 Product:P13 pXFRIV11_p14 Protein ID:295788873 Product:P14 pXFRIV11_p15 Protein ID:295788874 Product:P15 pXFRIV11_p16 Protein ID:295788875 Product:P16 pXFRIV11_p17 Protein ID:295788876 Product:P17 pXFRIV11_p18 Protein ID:295788877 Product:P18 pXFRIV11_p19 Protein ID:295788878 Product:P19 pXFRIV11_p20 Protein ID:295788879 Product:P20 pXFRIV11_p21 Protein ID:295788880 Product:P21 pXFRIV11_p22 Protein ID:295788881 Product:P22 pXFRIV11_p23 Protein ID:295788882 Product:P23 pXFRIV11_p24 Protein ID:295788883 Product:P24 pXFRIV11_p25 Protein ID:295788884 Product:P25 pXFRIV11_p26 Protein ID:295788885 Product:P26  Protein ID: Product: