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t4ss_object GDI_0125 Protein ID:162145959 Product:hypothetical protein GDI_0126 Protein ID:162145960 Product:hypothetical protein GDI_0127 Protein ID:162145961 Product:hypothetical protein GDI_0128 Protein ID:162145962 Product:conjugal transfer coupling protein TraG GDI_0129 Protein ID:162145963 Product:hypothetical protein GDI_0130 Protein ID:162145964 Product:type IV secretion system protein GDI_0131 Protein ID:162145965 Product:conjugal transfer protein trbC GDI_0132 Protein ID:162145966 Product:conjugal transfer protein trbD GDI_0133 Protein ID:162145967 Product:conjugal transfer ATPase TrbE GDI_0134 Protein ID:162145968 Product:conjugal transfer protein TrbJ GDI_0135 Protein ID:162145969 Product:conjugal transfer protein TrbL GDI_0136 Protein ID:162145970 Product:conjugal transfer protein TrbF GDI_0137 Protein ID:162145971 Product:type IV secretion system protein GDI_0138 Protein ID:162145972 Product:type IV secretion system protein GDI_0139 Protein ID:162145973 Product:LysR family transcriptional regulator GDI_0140 Protein ID:162145974 Product:transposase GDI_0141 Protein ID:162145975 Product:transposase  Protein ID: Product: