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t4ss_object Avi_8115 Protein ID:222080176 Product:site-specific tyrosine recombinase XerC Avi_8116 Protein ID:222080177 Product:integrase/recombinase Avi_8119 Protein ID:222080178 Product:hypothetical protein Avi_8120 Protein ID:222080179 Product:hypothetical protein Avi_8121 Protein ID:222080180 Product:hypothetical protein Avi_8123 Protein ID:222080181 Product:HNS-type DNA binding protein Avi_8126 Protein ID:222080182 Product:hypothetical protein Avi_8127 Protein ID:222080183 Product:nuclease Avi_8128 Protein ID:222080184 Product:conjugal transfer coupling protein TraG Avi_8129 Protein ID:222080185 Product:conjugal transfer protein Dtr system Avi_8130 Protein ID:222080186 Product:conjugal transfer protein TraC Avi_8131 Protein ID:222080187 Product:Dtr system oriT relaxase Avi_8132 Protein ID:222080188 Product:conjugal transfer pilin processing protease TraF Avi_8135 Protein ID:222080189 Product:conjugal transfer protein TraH Avi_8136 Protein ID:222080190 Product:hypothetical protein Avi_8137 Protein ID:222080191 Product:hypothetical protein Avi_8138 Protein ID:222080192 Product:transcriptional repressor Avi_8140 Protein ID:222080193 Product:transcriptional regulator TraR  Protein ID: Product: