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t4ss_object Pat9b_5088 Protein ID:317053778 Product:hypothetical protein Pat9b_5089 Protein ID:317053779 Product:hypothetical protein Pat9b_5090 Protein ID:317053780 Product:IS66 Orf2 family protein Pat9b_5091 Protein ID:317053781 Product:transposase IS66 Pat9b_5092 Protein ID:317053782 Product:hypothetical protein Pat9b_5093 Protein ID:317053783 Product:hypothetical protein Pat9b_5094 Protein ID:317053784 Product:hypothetical protein Pat9b_5095 Protein ID:317053785 Product:Lytic transglycosylase catalytic Pat9b_5096 Protein ID:317053786 Product:hypothetical protein Pat9b_5097 Protein ID:317053787 Product:hypothetical protein Pat9b_5098 Protein ID:317053788 Product:TraA family protein Pat9b_5099 Protein ID:317053789 Product:type IV conjugative transfer system protein TraL Pat9b_5100 Protein ID:317053790 Product:type IV conjugative transfer system protein TraE Pat9b_5101 Protein ID:317053791 Product:type-F conjugative transfer system secretin TraK Pat9b_5102 Protein ID:317053792 Product:TraB pilus assembly family protein Pat9b_5103 Protein ID:317053793 Product:NusG antitermination factor Pat9b_5104 Protein ID:317053794 Product:hypothetical protein Pat9b_5105 Protein ID:317053795 Product:hypothetical protein Pat9b_5106 Protein ID:317053796 Product:hypothetical protein Pat9b_5107 Protein ID:317053797 Product:hypothetical protein Pat9b_5108 Protein ID:317053798 Product:type IV conjugative transfer system protein TraV Pat9b_5109 Protein ID:317053799 Product:hypothetical protein Pat9b_5110 Protein ID:317053800 Product:type-IV secretion system protein TraC Pat9b_5111 Protein ID:317053801 Product:type-F conjugative transfer system protein TrbI Pat9b_5112 Protein ID:317053802 Product:type-F conjugative transfer system protein TraW Pat9b_5113 Protein ID:317053803 Product:hypothetical protein Pat9b_5114 Protein ID:317053804 Product:hypothetical protein Pat9b_5115 Protein ID:317053805 Product:TraU family protein Pat9b_5116 Protein ID:317053806 Product:type-F conjugative transfer system pilin assembly protein TrbC Pat9b_5117 Protein ID:317053807 Product:conjugal transfer mating pair stabilization protein TraN Pat9b_5118 Protein ID:317053808 Product:type-F conjugative transfer system pilin assembly protein TraF Pat9b_5119 Protein ID:317053809 Product:hypothetical protein Pat9b_5120 Protein ID:317053810 Product:hypothetical protein Pat9b_5121 Protein ID:317053811 Product:conjugal transfer protein TrbB Pat9b_5122 Protein ID:317053812 Product:hypothetical protein Pat9b_5123 Protein ID:317053813 Product:AAA ATPase Pat9b_5124 Protein ID:317053814 Product:TraH family protein Pat9b_5125 Protein ID:317053815 Product:TraG domain-containing protein Pat9b_5126 Protein ID:317053816 Product:hypothetical protein Pat9b_5127 Protein ID:317053817 Product:TraT complement resistance family protein Pat9b_5128 Protein ID:317053818 Product:hypothetical protein Pat9b_5129 Protein ID:317053819 Product:hypothetical protein  Protein ID: Product: